Saturday, May 21, 2005

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

I'm tired this morning cause I stayed up til 2am online gaming with some friends. I convinced a new friend to go buy the game we play and last night I was showing him the ropes. I love sucking people into my gaming universe. Mwahahaa. I THINK I've got him hooked already, but only time will tell. He's already a gamer, so really, it's an easy sell. Place the crack in front of him and.... heh.

Anyone who says videogames are NOT addicting is crazy. I don't think of them as a bad thing by any means. It beats shooting up heroin, right? But these online role playing games are super time suckers. Anyway - in case you are curious - this is the game we play. World of Warcraft.

I found out yesterday that another author, Joshilyn Jackson is addicted to the game as well. Unfortunately she's on a different server so we can't play together. But I'm still psyched to know there are more of us author/gamers out there!!

Anyway, enough Geek Talk. And just to prove I really do have a life as well **GRIN**, tonight a sweet and wonderful friend is throwing me a garden party to celebrate my book release. (I feel like I'm getting married with all these parties - I LOVE IT!) THEN later on, some friends and I are going to a club which plays only 80s new wave music!!! In other words, the DJ is guarenteed to not only know, but also PLAY the Smiths. Maybe more than one song!!

This is the first time I've been dancing since RT, so I'm going to enjoy myself.

Okay so that brings us to the QUESTION OF THE DAY. (And you thought it was going to end up being about videogames, didn't you!? What a relief!)

What was the record, cassette tape, cd that as a teen or pre-teen once you bought did not leave your player for months. The one you could never get sick of listening to.

Mine would be Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine. Every song reminded me of some real life teen angst I was going through. All sung by Trent Reznor's powerful, soul sucking voice. I could listen to that album forever and never get sick of it.

Then some stupid boy who was a DJ I was dating borrowed it to use during a school dance. (He had terrible pop stuff so I was trying to educate him. See - I was criticizing DJs even back then!!) Anyhow, then we sort of broke up and he never gave it back.

Hmm... I wonder if it's on iTunes...

Anyway - what's yours?


Diana Peterfreund said...

Dar Williams MORTAL CITY. Oh, man, I listened to that thing on repeat. The songs felt like college to me, even in highschool. And through college, she was probably the artist I listened to with the most regularity as well.

Anonymous said...

My sister plays Guild Wars a lot and she only bought the game a couple of days ago :) We are also fans of Diablo and Diablo 2 expansion set. I loved Madonna's Like a Prayer album when it came out. I bought it on a break between classes. I was rehearsing for this play in college, I was eighteen, and the sound guys would play it while the sets were being built.:)

Keris said...

Nine Inch Nails? Yikes.

My parents bought me a cassette player for Christmas when I was about 10 and, for some reason, got me an Everly Brothers tape too. I loved it! (I just downloaded Walk Right Back and Cathy's Clown last night for nostalgia's sake.)

Then, late teens, I discovered Stevie Wonder and listened to Original Musiquarium to excess.

Oh and the West Side Story soundtrack.

ParkAvePirate said...

I was the product of a hippie and a metal-head stoner. I remember being 13 and saving my babysitting money to go buy Simon & Garfunkel. I listened to that for about 4 months until my dad introduced me to Chicago. I was so in love with them! I remember being 15 and having their poster up in my room, next to Simon Le Bon and Chad Allen.
By the way, I am totally addicted to AstroPop on my computer. I see this game when I close my eyes. I figure its better than crack...probably not healthier.

Amy said...

The club sounds awesome (well, so does the party) and my hubby is playing WoW as I type. :)

My tape that I couldn't live without was a mix I made myself. It was random--REM, T'Pau (yep, their ONE hit), Prince, Cheap Trick, and many others. Back up a little to grade school and I was in love with Band Aid. How embarrassing.