Monday, May 02, 2005

RT Photos!!!

Okay here you have it!! Photos from the Romantic Times Convention. Let me know what you think of Dorchester senior editor Chris Keesler's Zoot Suit!! :-)

Crimson City Girls - Liz Maverick and Marjorie M. Liu

Liz Maverick and me - introducing RT to Chick Lit (no, it's not gum!)

Mystery Chick Susan McBride and Everything Chick Alesia Holliday

The Chick Lit Panel - Michelle Cunnah, Alesia Holliday, Shane Bolks, Liz Maverick, & me

Look Ma! I'm on a poster!

My very first book signing! Too bad I didn't sell as many copies as Laurell K. Hamilton

Speaking of the illustrious Laurell... Maybe some of her fame will rub off on me!

Mr. Romance Pageant - insert snarky comment here.

Me and Dorch editor Chris Keeslar, vamping it up at the Dorchester Roaring Twenties Party

Stylin' Pimp hat, Chris. Doesn't Dorchester Diva Diane Stacey look adorable?

Diane with Dorchester's newest Lolly - American Title Winner (!!) Janice Lynn. Also Joy Nash


Shalla de Guzman said...

hi Marianne, looks great! Looks like you had lots of fun at RT.


Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for sharing. What's funny is that you hear about certain writers and editors all the time and then it's alway great to see what they look like! = )