Friday, May 06, 2005

Random Stuff

Hey all,

Got my cover flats and galleys for Sk8er Boy yesterday. That was a fun surprise. I think publishers put them in the same envelope on purpose so authors are like "Ooh cover flats!" and then "Ugh, galleys." heh. But since Sk8er Boy is only 45k, it'll take no time to read through them. Also, I love the cover even more now that I see the flats. So cute.

My editor at Berkley also wrote me yesterday saying that she loved Boys that Bite, calling it "wonderful" and saying it's "one of those few YA books that really gets the combo of sweet and spicy just right." Awh! I was really nervous about whether they would like it or not. With Kate at Dorchester, I feel I know her well enough now to get what she likes. But with Berkley, I was completely in the dark. So what a relief. The changes she asked for are really, really minor as well. Yay! Also, what's cool is she said the publisher is so excited about this book they're releasing it in April now instead of May! I cannot WAIT to see the cover! I hope it's Buffy the Vampire Slayer'ish and not too cartoony.

Don't forget if you're in the Boston area that I have a book release party on Tuesday after work. (Around 6:30pm - 8:30pm) It's at Croma Boston (formerly Davio's) 269 Newbury St. They put me on their website, which is cool ( and check out the specialty martinis they are offering: A Fashionista Martini, a King Arthur Martini, and even a Mancusi Martini. Too cool! I've never had my own drink before. :-) Something tells me my handwriting is going to be awfully sloppy for those signings!!!

More tomorrow...


Amy said...

Very cool! Mancusi Martini has a good ring to it. :)

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks Amy! Maybe I can convince Croma to keep it on the menu!! **grin**