Monday, May 02, 2005

Back from RT!

I am back from RT and what an amazing time I had. It was soo much fun. I could go on all day. I also have PICTURES - including way cool blackmail ones of Dorchester editor Chris Keesler in a Zoot Suit during the Dorchester Roaring 20's party. **grin** I'm too exhausted to upload at the moment, but I promise they're worth the wait!!

Anyway - if you have yet to experience the madness of RT - I highly recommend it for next year. I wasn't sure I would like it, but I had a really good time. I was able to connect with many readers and booksellers and met and signed a lot of books at the booksigning. I was pleased to hear people come up and say, "Oh I've heard of this!" or "I've been dying to get this!" And especially pleased to hear the Barnes and Noble bookseller walk by and remark, "Oh this book's doing REALLY well." Yay!!

And the parties were really cool as well. There was a masquerade ball - and you should have seen all the people's costumes. Then the next night there was a Vampires in Oz ball, which was also quite interesting. But the best party of them all was the Dorchester Roaring 20s party. Even though the DJ didn't know who The Smiths were (sorry Chris!) we danced until they kicked us out. Then we went up to the bar and hung out until 3:30am. I was sooo tired the next day, but it was totally worth it.

I hung out mostly with the Dorchester crowd - many of whom I met in person for the first time. What a great group!!! Everyone made me feel like I was part of the family. I love that! Unfortunately my editor Kate Seaver couldn't come, which was sad, but Chris K took care of us all very well, along with Diane Stacey who is so fun and nice!!! Wait til you see Diane's flapper costume. It rocked!!

I'm sad to have to go back to reality today, but I guess we'll always have conference chicken. (Sorry private joke - trademarked by Liz Maverick so I am not at liberty to explain.) Now I can't WAIT for Nationals. Though I'm thinking that won't be as much fun since there's no dancing...



pam said...

Welcome back!

As an FYI, I was in Borders over the weekend, and your book jumped out at me. It's right out in front, great placement on the new books table, and that cover really pops. It looks great.


Diana Peterfreund said...

So, where are the pics?