Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ahh Weekend!

Great weekend, sadly coming to an end. On Friday Liz and I went to Morgan's studio to tape an intro for our Romantic Times Convention video blogging pieces.

It was a lot of fun, even if Morgan wouldn't let us wear glitter or empire waist dresses. ;-) She took some still shots of us as well. I don't know if I love the ones of me, but this one of Liz is really great.

On Saturday I worked on my book, rollerblading in Central Park, cleaned my apartment and watched some Lost. (I'm almost caught up! Two more episodes to go!) Then my old college friend Scott came down from Connecticut and me, Jacob and him went down to the East Village to begin our night out.

We hit this great sushi place called Avenue A, which is on, shockingly enough, Avenue A betwen sixth and seventh street. Delicious and creative sushi rolls, yummy cocktails, and a techno DJ spinning the tunes made it a delightful experience all around. Here's Scott and I with our martinis. :)

Pyramid Club March 29 002

After dinner, we headed next door to the Pyramid Club. Arrived WAYYY too early, but we hung out for a while and it eventually got crowded. Leanna and Marcos joined us and we danced up a storm to 80s new wave classics.

Pyramid Club March 29 026

Pyramid Club March 29 010

By the way, I bought the dress I'm wearing at Strawberry. That store is so hit and miss and I know a lot of my friends say they can't find anything there. But when you hit - you can really hit and since there's one across from my work I can browse it with enough frequency that sometimes I do. This dress, for example, only cost like $25 -- but it's sooo cute!!

Pyramid Club March 29 005

And lastly, I love how this photo of Jacob and I came out. It looks like he's whispering secrets in my ear. :) I don't like to get all mushy in my blog, but I will say I am very lucky to have him in my life!

Mar and Jacob

Today (Sunday) Jacob and I (and Molly!) spent most of the day outdoors, wandering around Central Park. It was so peaceful and nice -- I'm so lucky to live near the park. It makes my ridiculous rent almost worth it! Molly went for a swim and I think I need to bathe her now...

Tonight I think I'm going to work a little more on my book, then watch Lost and head to bed early -- content and happy after such a nice weekend. Next weekend I have to work both Sat and Sun so it won't be half as fun. :(


Saturday, March 29, 2008

We're Here, We're Dead, Get Used to it!

A zombie mockumentary!! I so wish this was playing in NYC!!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Random stuff wrap-up

I was psyched yesterday to receive my first arcs for Gamer Girl, my November book with Dutton. They look gorgeous! Like finished books (except the finished book will be hardcover.) I love the packaging – it’s just so adorable and girly and manga-like – I couldn’t be happier with it. The internal emoticons are just too, too cute.

I wonder if they’ll keep the manga style when designing The Camelot Code cover. I kind of hope so. I think it could be super cute.

Speaking of Camelot Code, I am writing up a storm. The book is so much fun – it practically writes itself. I love the characters – they’ve really come alive for me. It’s funny how much easier it is for me to write Young Adult books. I wonder what that says about my maturity level…

Let’s see, what else? I’m almost caught up on Lost – only five episodes of season four to go. How am I going to wait during the hiatus? Oh yeah, I’m going to watch The Tudors. Mmm Jonathan Rhys Myers.

Last weekend a group of us went to see Avenue Q, a Broadway play that uses puppets – kind of a more raunchy Sesame Street. Was very fun. And Jacob bought House of the Dead 2 & 3 for the wii – along with rapid fire guns. So we spent Friday night shooting zombies, which always makes for a good night. I am so out of practice though!

This weekend my old college friend Scott is coming into town and we’re going to do some clubbing. Not sure where yet. Something techno related, I’m sure. Will be fun!

Hm, what else? The Romantic Times Convention is fast approaching. I don’t feel the least bit prepared! Got a lot of costumes though – cause that really just requires digging through my closet.

Oh I know – I found out that Sk8er Boy is coming out in Sweden. Oddly enough, I found this out by reading Romantic Times magazine. They’re obviously in the know more than the authors sometimes! I’m still trying to find out more about the Japanese Boys that Bite and Stake That! I’d love it if they were in print by the time Liz and I head to Tokyo in June.

That’s about all for now! Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poor little Mexican Emo kids

I know emo kids can be a bit annoying at times, but the anti-emo riots in Mexico do seem a bit extreme...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anna Devane!!

me and Finola Hughes, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

I don't know about any of you, but I was a HUGE fan of General Hospital in high school. One of my fondest memories was being over my friend Kristin's house when Duke returned to the show and finally revealed to Anna that he was her husband! (He'd had major plastic surgery, of course!) I remember just bawling my eyes out at the poignant scene.

So it was pretty cool today to meet Anna -- aka Finola Hughes -- in person at the Better TV studios where I work. She was really nice and approachable. Really tiny in real life, too, as stars always seem to be. She's very into green living and was saying her house in California is almost self-sufficient and soon won't need external power to run. Pretty cool!

Anyway, just brings back memories of General Hospital and all my favorite characters so I thought I'd share!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Bush vs. Zombies

Diana posts about unicorns, well, I'm going to routinely continue the zombie theme in my blog until Razor Girl comes out!

Today we have our President, explaining why we need to mobilize against this coming threat.

PS I told my agent we need to start describing Razor Girl as "Casablanca with zombies." How's that for an elevator pitch? ;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

A doggone expensive woof

My dog Molly is a little angel. But she cost me $375 at the vets this week!
And that's just preventative treatment!

Last year she had an actual operation and cost me $1,200!

She was NOT a fan of the cone head look.

So I've decided she needs to earn her keep. I'm thinking of hiring her out as a maid.

As you can see, though she's not thrilled with the idea...

In fact, rather than work, she'd prefer to drown herself and end it all!

So I gave in. Let the princess charge up my credit card and sleep all day while I work to pay it off.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This time from Mom...

And also from Mom, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

More Peeps!! Does my family know me or what?? :)

Thank you thank you!! Happy Easter!

Thank you Easter Bunny!

You have new Picture Mail!, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

Okay, really thank you Dad. Still the most dedicated mailer of chocolate and sugar treats during the holidays that I know!

And of course he sent my favorite...



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Disney's Horizons

Some of you may not know this, but I used to live in Orlando and my friends and I had annual passes to Walt Disney World and would go all the time just to hang out. But while on some occasions we’d stand in line for the “e-ticket” rides, a lot of time we just wanted a more mellow experience. Something without lines and crowds. One of those rides was Horizons. I still think it’s one of the best Disney attractions around. I was so sad when they closed it and put “Space” in the spot instead! Luckily, through the wonders of youtube, I can still watch the ride from the comfort of my own home! Yay!

What is your favorite Disney ride? What have they closed down that you miss?

Monday, March 17, 2008

A few more party pics :)

More Future Love: 2108 pics. These courtesy of Morgan.

The SWAT writer girls, all dressed up and ready to go!

We're trying to look like robots, but I think I might have more of a Charlie's Angels pose...

Dance lessons from a pro!

Microphone Man

It's alive!!!

Pregnant Katrina is an automatic outlaw in this future, where love has been banned.


In the future, the laws of gravity don't apply. Much to Nick's delight.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Future Love 2108 - The Photos

The Future Party was a complete success. Great costumes, great location, great time.Everyone's already talking about what we can do for the next theme party. (I think it might be Summer of Love themed.)

Here are a few pics, courtesy of Sarah Sweeney. I forgot to put my battery in my camera after charging it so thank goodness she had hers!

john red thing
John time warping to the party

Liz Me Jamie
Leanna, me, Jamie. You can't tell from the pic, but the barretts in my hair are fiber optic and glowed.

liz lounge
Lounging at the lounge

Here, through this iphone pic, you can actually see the fiber optics glowing. :)

leanna hula
Glow necklace hula hooping

me sarah liz red
Everyone in the future will look like they shopped at Forever 21...

me liz red 3
Check out my shoes below. Silver bling for the win. And Liz's boots, well, they're already famous.

me liz red 2
It was harder to balance in these things than it looks

me and liz red
Rebels of Romance as Femme Bots

Jacob and Mar future red2
"How can I serve you, master?"

Future love
This needs to be the cover of some 70s disco album.

marcos john
In the future, everyone will have a microphone. Wrapped in duct tape around one's wrist. A deadly weapon indeed!

john sarah me jacob
John, Sarah, Me, Jacob

happy drunk liz
"Yay, party!"

mar and sarah
Sarah's a sad femme bot who has to wake up in the morning to take a plane to Iowa.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pseudo Spring Break

So Jacob's on "spring break" starting next week. But, of course, when you're in graduate school getting an MBA and still working a full time job, that sadly leaves no time for drunken trips to Cancun or Cabo. Which just doesn't seem fair to me!

So we found a little taste of the islands in Manhattan's East Village and ordered Jacob an official spring break drink...

It's called a Zombie Volcano. (Yay zombies!) And yes, as you can see below it's a) about the largest drink ever and b) comes with its own firey volcano! Which, I think, makes it pretty much the coolest (if not tackiest) drink ever. And thus, perfect for pseudo spring break.

Fake Spring Break 001
Bartender preparing the drink. Even the fruit was soaked in rum...

Fake Spring Break 009
Dawn, with her sensible, normal size drink, looks on, doubtfully.

Fake Spring Break 002
Tome is fine with his scorpion bowl. He's drinking for only two.

Fake Spring Break 012
But Jacob wants fire! And that means the four person volcano. It's actually even bigger than it even looks.

Fake Spring Break 007
I decided to help Jacob out. In the end, we didn't make that much of a dent. Still, it was worth it, just to have a flaming firey cocktail for Jacob's spring break!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Future Love: 2108

After forced rescheduling and multiple location changes, tomorrow Liz Maverick and I are finally throwing our futuristic theme party, FUTURE LOVE: 2108.

Here’s the blurb we created for the evite, describing the back story and theme. (We are writers, after all!)

It's 2108.

A mass population explosion has forced the government's hand.

No marriage. No childbirth by natural means. Babies conceived in test tubes, harvested in labs, cultivated in orphanages. "Family" no longer has meaning. Love is outlawed, relationships obsolete.

It's Big Brother, people. And not the kind who buys you your first beer.

But not everyone in this not-so-brave new world accepts the prohibition of one of life's greatest miracles, and so these brave souls dare to defy the law with a secret rendezvous, to celebrate the subverted holiday of love.

This year, through special time travel technology*, you're invited to join these rebels of love at their top secret midtown Manhattan location.

This March find the courage to...
Let Love Rock

Doors open at 9pm. Ends when government raids.

NOTE: Proper Year 2108 dress required. (Think futuristic, silver, weapons, excessive amounts of glitter, etc. Anything goes - except boring! We will have extra costuming on hand.)

*Time travel technology provided thanks to generous donations by Kaysar Corporation.

We’ve got around 20 or so people signed up to attend so it should be quite the bash! Hopefully we’ll see some good costumes – I’ll have my camera ready, for sure! I tried on my outfit last night and think it really works. The fiber optic barrettes I got off eBay give it an extra special touch, I think!

I also bought a bunch of random fun stuff for partygoers – glow necklaces, plastic aliens, iridescent silly putty, glow makeup, etc. I still need to come up with a prize for best costume.

It was fun planning the party, but also a lot of work and stress. I was originally wanting to hold theme parties once a month. Now I think once every 3-4 months is probably all I can handle!! Still, we’ve got a good crowd and a cool location – so all the work should be worth it.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Day at a Time.

Me ane Valerie Bertinelli, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

Attended a Ladies' Home Journal luncheon with guest actress Valerie Bertinelli this afternoon at Beacon. (Great restaurant btw! Had yummy filet mignon to die for.!) I was there to interview her for a story we're doing for Better TV about her new book and Jenny Craig weight loss. I've been to a lot of these luncheons but I have to say this was the most entertaining yet. She was so cool. Very down to Earth and said exactly what was on her mind, even if it wasn't always PC. The Village Voice reporter probably got a lot of material for his article!

My favorite moment though was when she announced that (former husband) Eddie Van Halen sucks at Guitar Hero. Go figure! :)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Ultimate Peep Show

peeps, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

I love Easter mainly for the Peeps. They are the best candy ever. I think people either love them or hate them though. There's no "meh" on Peeps.

In any case, this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Right up there with the knitted zombies I posted the other day. :)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The End!

I typed "The End" in RAZOR GIRL yesterday. Sure, it still needs mucho editing, but there is, ladies and gentlemen, an actual book now. Beginning, middle and end! So I feel somewhat accomplished by that. There was a time I was convinced I'd NEVER finish this particular book. (I often feel this way when writing adult books - they're just so darn long!) So yay me.

Next up - The Camelot Code. Can't wait to dig into that. Should be a really fun book to write.

Okay off to edit. :)


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Necromantic Friday

Okay, it's photo time for all you Jacob and Leanna fans out there. :) Last night Leanna, Marcos, Jacob and I went to our favorite NYC goth night - Necromantic - at the Knitting Factory in Tribeca. It used to be a weekly event; sadly they since turned it monthly. In any case, we made the most of the evening. Lots of fun as always. And this time, I brought my camera along. So you can get an idea of what it was like.

Necromantic March 007
The Stage

Necromantic March 006
Marcos and Leanna are too cool for school

Necromantic March 004
That's DJ Father Jeff spinning the tunes. Our favorite NYC goth DJ.

Necromantic March 014
Jacob dancing. He's wearing the TRIPP shirt I bought him for his bday.

Necromantic March 017
I'm dancing to Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy here. My favorite request.

Necromantic March 023
I like this pic, even though I cut off Jacob's head.

Necromantic March 021
Random goth types, doing their thing.

Necromantic March 015
Blurry pic, but you can see the back of my corset.

Necromantic March 034
Heading to the subway in the rain. Thought this pic of Leanna and Marcos turned out very New York/romantic.

Necromantic March 043
"The girl with the red hat." A pan handler called Leanna out.

Necromantic March 040
Ah, young love! :)

Necromantic March 048
Jacob hasn't caught up on his sleep since he got back from Vegas!

Necromantic March 050
Are we home yet??