Tuesday, May 31, 2005

PhotoShop Rocks

Okay, so I take no credit for coming up with the idea - it's a blatent rip-off of Liz Maverick's BRILLIANT "Crimson Chicken" cover doctoring.

I just...couldn't...resist having some fun of my own!!

BTW - for background on the Conference Chicken saga (it started at RT and has just taken on a life of its own...) read her entry here.

heh heh!!! I crack myself up.

Scanners are Fun: Sk8er Boy

I think this will officially be "Scanners are Fun" week. Each day I'm going to post a photo from my past. (Don't you just love the randomness that is this blog??)

Today's selection is inspired by my book Sk8er Boy - which will be released as part of Dorchester's Smooch YA line in October. While the book is NOT autobiographical, I did really date a lot of skateboarders when I was a teen. (But Mom - I'm RESEARCHING for a future book!!!)

Anyhow, the below photo is of Russell. He was a skater from my hometown of Haverhill who I dated when I was fifteen, much to my mother's dismay. (Russ was 17 and from downtown - she did not approve.) She needn't have worried though -- Russ was so sweet and nice. He asked me out while we were playing my neighborhood's version of hide and seek one night (Yes, we were hiding together!) and then kissed me under the stars. Awhhh. I was totally smitten by him in a way that only fifteen year old girls can be.

Sadly, the story does not end happily. My mother kept thwarting our plans to see one another, saying I was too young to date and not allowed to go downtown to see him. And so, not surprisingly, Russell got annoyed. I mean - what good is a girlfriend if you can never see her? And he broke up with me. I was so sad. I cried. I wrote bad poetry. I thought I'd never love again. Very, very tragic.

I wonder what happened to him...Oh well, anyway - here's the photo. I picked an action shot, because I don't know if it's appropriate to post identifying photos of past boyfriends on the web without their permission. But trust me - he was a cutie.

Thanks for putting up with my nostalgia. To read an excerpt of Sk8er Boy, you can go to my website.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Scanners are Fun

I just got one of those all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax things. So very cool. Now I can scan in dumb stuff from my childhood to amuse you all. :P (I know you're just soooo excited about that!!!)

And since I've been blabbing a lot about Star Wars lately, I decided to test my new piece of electronic equipment with a little Halloween pic of me my brother channeling Luke and Leia way back in the day. :)

hehe - so cute!! Note the very heavy makeup on me - it was the one day out of the year my mom let me wear it - and I evidently took full advantage...

Happy Sunday everyone. It's raining again here in Boston. Sigh. I give up. I really do.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Adventures in Teen Drama Part 3

It's sunny today! It's actually SUNNY! I cannot even remember the last time I SAW the sun. And it's not only sunny, but it's the weekend I am going to a cookout, so I can actually enjoy the sun!! Yay! (Sorry had to gush for a second - it's been raining for over a month now.)

My publisher Dorchester has decided to go forward with the Vintage Romance series and so I have put down The Camelot Code for now and start work on a new, still untitled, book. Thanks to the very brilliant idea of my new editor Chris Keeslar (he likes when I say he has brilliant ideas, though I think he prefers I say that he, himself, is brilliant -- but we won't go there) they are now going to be time travels. (Hmm do we see a trend in my writing here?)

So Naomi Neale is doing the first Vintage Romance and hers is set in the 1950s (I think) and then mine will be 2nd (out in July) and set in the 1920s. What fun! Flappers, speakeasies, and gangsters galore. What more could a reader want? (Besides, of course, a title. Sigh.) They're supposed to be humorous, but I haven't decided yet whether I should write this in first or third person. I'm now in the process of brainstorming the storyline - who my heroine is and how she finds herself back in time. So if any of you are as "brilliant" as Chris and have some ideas - I'm all ears. :)

OKAY enough about me and my writing career. I know you are only here to read what happened next in The Adventures of Teen Drama. Heh. The next entry is 3 days later - July 26th. And this is the night you've been waiting to hear about!

It's too funny not to comment on, though, so think of this as sort of a literary Mystery Science Theater 2000. Comments in red.

July 26th, 12:41 am

I am taking a big risk writing this book! But I have to write to someone and I can't think of anything else to do. (Ha! I had to hide this diary in my closet so no one would find it - now I'm publishing it on the World Wide Web!!! Too funny!)

Yesterdaay I went to the Guido's Dead concert at The Escape Club. It was fun. Everyone was there (Gretch wasn't though.) I was drunk. I kissed the drummer's drumsticks for good luck cause I know he likes me. (Yes, that's right Marianne. Lead the sweet innocent one on while you go after the bad boy)

Brian was there and was being as forward as ever. He kept grabbing me and hugging me, especially after the show. I was too drunk to mind until he tried to stick his tongue down my throat. So I bit his tongue (Seems the obvious thing to do, no?)

After, in April's car, he asked me to kiss his tongue better. I declined so he kept at it and asked me to kiss him on the lips. I don't know what posesssed me (except perhaps the vodka) (Damn vodka - gets you every time!) but I ended up letting him kiss me. STUPID. Everyone saw! Mark, April and Jason from North Andover. (OMG not Jason from North Andover!!!)

Brian put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes cause I was tired. (Yeah, right - raise your hand if you're buying the "tired" excuse here.) He held my hand. Then when we got to North Andover to drop Jason off, Mark got in the front (Mark is smart and does not want to witness anymore of this train wreck!) and Brian lay down and put his head in my lap. (Very Hamlet of him, don't you think?) He continued to hold my hand. He can be so sweet, but what am I - STUPID? (Umm...yes?)

Today it feels like a dream. I don't know why I kissed him. Well, I just hope Gretch doesn't find out, though I'm sure she will. (Gretch isn't the girlfriend by the way - she's my best friend at the time and would kill me if she knew I was making out with Brian.)


So there you have it. :) Now I've got to go enjoy that sunshine!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Adventures in Teen Drama Part 2

You know it's funny - many times in my high school journals I say things like "If this is published someday" etc. I think I had a bit of Anne Frank envy going on. (Of course without the whole messy 'hide from the Nazi' bit.)

This is good actually - since nothing big is going on in present day life. :) So here we go. Day 2. Just to give you a little background - Brian was an older skateboarder from the wrong side of town and my mom had forbade me to hang out with him. Not that I was going to listen. The other thing that makes this all so scandalous is Brian technically has a girlfriend... (What a bad girl our little Marianne is, huh?)

July 22nd, 11:35 am

My mom found my journal and read the last entry. She also found out I lied to her. I am in BIG trouble. She forbade me to ever see Brian. I really feel stupid for writing everything in this journal, but I guess I will continue and just hide it from now on.

Yesterday I hungout at Brian's all day. We went fishing for fish for his turtle. It was fun. Then later Mark and John came over and the four of us were hanging out and then Kim and Ape caleld so eventually me, Kim, April, Chrissinda, Shiela, Mark, John, Brian and I were to the beach. It was fun til Brian found that girl that wanted to sleep with him the other time we went and left us to hang out with her. I was depressed, but it was my fault cause on the way up, he was like, "Do you like me?" and all this stuff and I was all shy. But the way home he was drunk and obnoxious and I was mad at him. A drink of water spilled on me when Ape stoped short and Brian thought it was funny, so I poured the water over his head. He was furious!! He called me a bitch. I have to apologize to him today. When I got home, I was in trouble. Oh well, I gotta go.


Hmm. That doesn't quite get us up to the next kissing scene does it? Oh well, guess that means you'll have to return tomorrow... **evil grin**


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adventures in Teen Drama

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest to win the Australian cover of CT Fashionista. The winner is -Courtney Slavin! Congrats Courtney. :)

Last night we went to a friend's birthday party at this bar in Southie where they have trivia night. Was pretty fun - lots of great people there - but I realized I kind of suck at trivia. Sigh. I'd imagined myself so much smarter. But the questions were REALLY HARD! :)

Anyway - here's something fun and self-indulgent. One of the things I do when I research for my YA books is I go back and read my journals from back when I was in high school. Gets me into the mindset of a teen. And since you guys are along for this crazy ride - I thought I'd share an entry with you. This is from July 20th, 1991 - so nearly 14 years ago. That would make me 17 years old. I call this entry - adventures with an alpha guy.

July 20th 12:49am
Well, I guess it's really July 21st. I had the (f word)ing best day today. I worked until 2 then at 3:30 I went over Aprils and me, Ape, and Shiela went to N. Andover where all these bands were playing and Guido's Dead was one of them. We, along with a wicked lot of people that I know were these and Brian was there and he had his 9 foot Burmese Python. I touched it. It was kind of neat.

Then we went to Jim B's house to go swimming. While there, Brian comes up behind me while I was talking to Mark and put his head on my shoulder, not kissing, but having his lips touch my neck. He's like, "I know you want to kiss me!" I said, "Nah, I already have." Mark was like, "Ooh she burnt you, Brian!" But Brian, the ever coolness himself goes, "Yeah, and I gave you to Russell." So I got the ultimate burn!!! So anyways then April, Kim, Chrissinda, Sheila, Jim, Jay, John, Grahmn, Brian and some other people decided to go to the beach. I went in April's car and sat in the front with Ape on the left and Big Bri on the right. I had only eaten a chocolate chip cookie and small fri in 2 days and was dying of hunger so I was like, "Brian want to buy me some fries?" cause before he said he owed me some. (I had bought myself some and he ended up eating them all before.) He said he had no money or he'd love to. Hell, he'd even take me out to dinner.

When we got to the beach, we ony stayed for about 15 minutes. Some girl asked Brian to sleep with her on the beach, but he declined. (Surprises never cease!) He kept pulling my hair on the way home. He said I was giving him "bedroom eyes" and was "so glad he didn't go off with that girl." When I got out of the car, he made a loud kissing sound and goes, "Thanks for the kiss!" I kicked him. Now I'm home, the end.

Brian is so forward. It makes me nervous sometimes. But he is so hot - I find him sexy. Isn't that awful to write? I have no idea why I do. I would kiss him if I was positive the whole state and the wrong people wouldn't find out. He is the best kisser and if he keeps coming on to me, I'll just have to go for it!

Funny, huh? The adventures in teen love. So dramatic! So does the young Marianne succumb to her forbidden desires? Does she indeed go and make out Brian? And what happens when her mother finds her journal and reads all about it?

You can tell me if you have any interest in me continuing the saga. :) I won't be offended either way.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gamer Girl

I've been a blogging slacker - I apologize! I actually did write a post yesterday, but it got eaten by blogger and I didn't feel like retyping. I promise to get back on the blog bandwagon asap.

In the meantime... MJ Rose does this cool thing on her blog where she posts author backstories. How they went about getting published or decided to write the book they did, etc. I did one for her and it was posted today if you want to take a look. Be sure to read the other authors' backstories as well. Very interesting reading!

I got copies of the Australian version of A CT Fashionista in King Arthur's Court yesterday. They're sooo cool. And in trade paperback size too! I love it! Of course they changed my tag line "Sex and the City...of Camelot" to "Desperate Housewives...of Camelot." Heh. I guess that's more timely...? Anyway - they sent me 6 copies and I really only need 1 or 2 - so I figure we should have a contest. So here's my question. You can find the answer in my excerpt. I'll draw a name from the correct entries tomorrow AM and send the winner a book.

QUESTION: What crest (color and animal) does Lancelot wear on his chest?

Remember: EMAIL ME with the answer - don't post it in the comments section. :)

It's pouring rain out AGAIN today. I freaking hate that. I can't even remember what the sun looks like! Seriously, the only thing to do in this weather is PLAY VIDEO GAMES! Woot! Which I have been doing way too much of and staying up far too late for. But it's fun. So that you can share in my geekiness, I am posting a screenshot I took below from the game I play. It's my gaming friend and I hanging out, watching the sunset. (I'm the girl, obviously.)You can click on it for a larger version...

Okay, you're scared now, huh? :) Well I can justify all this by telling you that I'm doing it as research for my new Smooch YA book that I'm working on - The Camelot Code. The main characters in the book - Sophie and Stuart - are online gamers. So I'm doing my homework. Really. Sacrifices must be made for authentic sounding books. :-P

Okay must go -

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Camelot Code & Bad Reviews

I finished writing Boys that Bite earlier this month and have been taking a bit of a break on the whole writing thing, which is good actually - to refresh my batteries, etc. But it's also bad in a way cause well, I've got a lot of books to write. So I'm pleased to say this AM I got inspired to write the first thousand words of The Camelot Code, which is a Dorchester Smooch book. It's a time travel, like CT Fashionista, though very different in character and plot. Here's a blurb:

The Camelot Code
When fifteen year old computer whiz and gamer grrl Sophie Sawyer hacks into a website to cheat on a school project, she finds a strange code that whisks her back to the days of Camelot ? to a time where the legendary King Arthur is about the pull the sword from the stone. But what happens when Merlin suggests Arthur, the once and future king, return with her to experience the future firsthand? How is Sophie going to explain to her parents why she has a knight in shining armor living in her bedroom? And what happens when Arthur refuses to go back to Camelot to fulfill his destiny, because he?s now dating the high school?s head cheerleader?

I know it's going to be a lot of fun to write. I really enjoy writing YA books.

In other news, I got a SCATHING Amazon review last night. Major ouch.

Truly Terrible, May 23, 2005
Reviewer:M. Geyser "VBVA" (honolulu, hi United States) - See all my reviews

Kat is one totally annoying chick and Lancey was whipped, no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I had looked forward to this book very much, a big waste of paper and ink. I couldn't suffer much more beyond the 1st chapter.

Now, I was kind of sad at first to read this. I mean I love my hero Lancelot. And I think he has lots of redeeming qualities. He may be chivalrous and loyal and dedicated to a fault, but he's so not whipped. (Then again, probably hard to tell by only reading the first chapter- since he's in it for all of about 3 pages)

But then I looked at her other reviews - to see what she DOES like. Turns out she's a big fan of the Super Soaker Cps 2100. I felt a little better. **grin**

Anyway - hope you guys don't mind me poking fun at my reviewers. I feel that a truly bad review loses its devastating power when shared and put in perspective. And besides, I'm trying to journal the whole publishing process here in this blog. So that's good and bad. And my last justification is this: they put their opinions out there on the Internet for everyone to see. I have the same right to do so.

Honestly, I don't mind when people write what they honestly feel about a book. I get the fact that not everyone will love my writing style. But at the same time, I have to figure out a way to blow these reviews off in my mind so I don't sit and sulk about them. :-) What I always tell myself is that some of my favorite authors get the same kind of hot or cold reviews. People either love them or hate them - but at least they feel strongly about their work. Never a "meh" reaction.

So I don't end on a negative note, here's a very positive review I just got over at B&N.

A reviewer, May 20, 2005, A GREAT READ
I am normally very picky about my time travel romances i buy but i am proud to have spent my hard earned money on this one. Kat is funny, sarcastic, and independent, and the love story in it is beautiful. Hope there will be a sequel soon.

So there you go. You can choose which one you agree with. :-) BTW if anyone has read CT Fash and liked it and has a few extra minutes, I'd love for you to go over and write an Amazon review for me today. I hate having the bad reviews up at the top...

Thanks for listening to me blab. Got to get ready for work now... This whole "writing my new book"business is cutting into my blogging time. LOL.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

How Soon is NOW?!

Was out dancing last night til 2am. It was worth the tiredness though. The club we went to is this place in Cambridge called Manray where on most nights it's a goth club and/or a gay club. But on Saturday nights they have a more mainstream new wave night where they play 80s alternative, industrial, goth, and new wave music. There's still a huge goth and/or gay scene that attends the club, but there's no dress code or gender preference requirement to get in the door.

Anyhow, for those of you following the "RT DJ who didn't know The Smiths" thread I've been weaving in and out of posts since attending the St. Louis Roaring 20's party, you will be VERY HAPPY to know the lovely DJ at Manray (on his own accord!) played HOW SOON IS NOW by the Smiths. The very song I've been waiting to dance to for three weeks now!! Needless to say, I was soooo excited!!

He went on to play many more 80s new wave classics from The Cure, Violent Femmes, Depeche Mode, Morrissey, Duran Duran, New Order, Joy Division, etc. etc. etc. I danced 3 HOURS STRAIGHT, stopping only to get water. (I was driving and not drinking.) It was soo much fun. I love dancing to that kind of music. It brings back such memories. Just makes me so happy. There's some kind of magic in dancing. And I love the idea that people of all backgrounds and styles and philosophies can get together and become one on the dance floor.

The book party beforehand was a lot of fun too. Very fancy - with a bartender and catered food. I've never had someone throw me a party with catererd food before! It was so sweet of my friend to do so. People have been so nice about the whole book thing. I think everyone had a good time at the party. I know I did. My friend made adorable little bookmarks to stick in the copies of CT Fash. Of course, I forgot to grab one for myself! :-)

Unfortunately I have to go to a board meeting today for my local RWA chapter. I'm going to be soooo tired.

To brain dead for Question of the Day. It'll return tomorrow, I promise. If you're dying to answer something, Diana has a question for you on Comfort Films.

Oh and you can see from Alison Kent's blog, I've been "TAGGED". I promise to respond to that later today or tomorrow AM at the latest. :-) I know exactly who's going to get tagged next!!


Saturday, May 21, 2005

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

I'm tired this morning cause I stayed up til 2am online gaming with some friends. I convinced a new friend to go buy the game we play and last night I was showing him the ropes. I love sucking people into my gaming universe. Mwahahaa. I THINK I've got him hooked already, but only time will tell. He's already a gamer, so really, it's an easy sell. Place the crack in front of him and.... heh.

Anyone who says videogames are NOT addicting is crazy. I don't think of them as a bad thing by any means. It beats shooting up heroin, right? But these online role playing games are super time suckers. Anyway - in case you are curious - this is the game we play. World of Warcraft.

I found out yesterday that another author, Joshilyn Jackson is addicted to the game as well. Unfortunately she's on a different server so we can't play together. But I'm still psyched to know there are more of us author/gamers out there!!

Anyway, enough Geek Talk. And just to prove I really do have a life as well **GRIN**, tonight a sweet and wonderful friend is throwing me a garden party to celebrate my book release. (I feel like I'm getting married with all these parties - I LOVE IT!) THEN later on, some friends and I are going to a club which plays only 80s new wave music!!! In other words, the DJ is guarenteed to not only know, but also PLAY the Smiths. Maybe more than one song!!

This is the first time I've been dancing since RT, so I'm going to enjoy myself.

Okay so that brings us to the QUESTION OF THE DAY. (And you thought it was going to end up being about videogames, didn't you!? What a relief!)

What was the record, cassette tape, cd that as a teen or pre-teen once you bought did not leave your player for months. The one you could never get sick of listening to.

Mine would be Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine. Every song reminded me of some real life teen angst I was going through. All sung by Trent Reznor's powerful, soul sucking voice. I could listen to that album forever and never get sick of it.

Then some stupid boy who was a DJ I was dating borrowed it to use during a school dance. (He had terrible pop stuff so I was trying to educate him. See - I was criticizing DJs even back then!!) Anyhow, then we sort of broke up and he never gave it back.

Hmm... I wonder if it's on iTunes...

Anyway - what's yours?

Friday, May 20, 2005


I love yesterday's comments on first celebrity crushes! Some great ones in there. And I'm happy that I'm not completely alone with my Luke Skywalker obsession, though it does appear that Han Solo still has more groupies. Ah well. Less competition for Luke, I suppose. BTW, I also used to pretend I was Princess Leia, until that awkward moment when I learned she and Luke were twins. Um...

Still virtually touring with the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. Today I'm scheduled to appear on Melanie Lynn Hauser's (Confessions of a Super Mom) Refrigerator Door blog. Andi Buchanan's Mother Shock blog, Ann Marie Michaels (Cooking to Hook Up) blog, and Kathleen O'Reilly's (The Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul) Diary of a Mad Romance Writer blog.

Also, I realize I forgot to mention yesterday I guest blogged on E. Lockhart's (The Boyfriend List) blog. I did a "Boyfriend List" of my own for her... including all my little grade school to high school boyfriends. How fun is that? I love exposing all my childhood secrets on the Internet. hah. Check it out if you have a chance.

I'm soo happy it's Friday!! AND it's not supposed to rain this weekend - knock on wood! It's rained the past four weekends in Massachusetts. BLEH. I can not WAIT for summer. I used to live in San Diego and it was sunny and nice every single day. I want that back!!

Okay, you guys seem to like my questions of the day (and I love reading your answers!) ... so here's another...

What is your favorite romantic movie and why?

It doesn't have to be a classic. For example, I'm going with Reality Bites, a love story for Gen X, starring (yum!) Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder and Ben Stiller.

The unrequitted love (til the end) of Ethan and Winona. The akwardness and torment after they sleep together and he runs away. Her having to choose between the well meaning corporate dork who can make all her dreams come true (while inadvertantly cheapening them in the process) and the dark, tortured poet who can't make a commitment to save himself even though he loves her with every fiber in his being.

What can I say? It's not Casablanca, but it's something I, as a Gen X'er, really realated to. I've watched the movie more than a dozen times and still cry during the section where he calls her from the hospital and hangs up before saying anything.

Okay, what's yours? It can be anything - from Gone with the Wind to Pyromaniacs: A Love Story. Everyone's different and what speaks to you may not speak to anyone else and you know what? That's okay!


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Life, the Universe, and First Celebrity Crushes

Hey all,

Still on the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit virtual booktour. Check me out on Alison Pace's (If Andy Warhol had a Girlfriend) blog, Johanna Edward's (The Next Big Thing) blog, and I believe later today Joshilyn Jackson's (gods in Alabama) blog.

All this touring, without ever leaving my seat. Nice. If any 0f you found me from their sites - welcome! Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions/comments about CT Fashionista, life in general, or 80s song lyrics, feel free to post them in the comments section. :-)

So are any of you Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans? Remember how I said I wanted to see that movie? Well, someone just told me yesterday that they turned it into a LOVE STORY!? Huh? What was Hollywood thinking? That's just wrong. I'm no longer interested in seeing it. Such a disapointment.

Keeping on the movie note, anyone see Star Wars at midnight last night? Not me. I'm waiting to see if it comes out at the Omni IMAX theater. I saw Episode 2 there on the huge screen with the killer sound system. It made up for the bad acting and stupid plot. Well, sort of. Okay, not really. But isn't Hayden Christensen kind of hot?

I loved all your 80s movie comments yesterday, btw. So many good ones. I also got an email yesterday from a 16 year old named Abby (hi Abby!) who says this:

P.S.- Favorite movie of the '80s is definitely The Breakfast Club.

And yes, I realize that I wasn't born until '88, and that the only movies I actually watched in the '80s were those that included Big Bird or Barney. But I watched Breakfast Club for my sociology class last year, and it's definitely a keeper.

People are watching Breakfast Club as part of a Sociology class? That's sooo very cool! Thanks for sharing that, Abby!!

Okay here's the new question of the day:

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Mine was Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker. I never realized this was unusual, but now that I'm an adult, I've realized that most people saw Han Solo as the sexy one. Me, I loved Mark. Okay, he didn't age well, I understand. But come on - in that black suit in Return of the Jedi... This is what 9 year old fantasies are made of!!

Andrew McCarthy and Simon LeBon come in a close second and third.

So who was your first celebrity crush? Come on - dish!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Out of this Blogosphere!

When I started blogging, I wondered if I'd think of enough things to say. Now it seems like I never have time to blog about everything that I want.

So.. quickly:

1) I've invited to join a really premiere group of paranormal romance writers for a new blog project called Out of this Blogosphere. MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight, Julie Kenner, Robin Owens, CJ Barry, Nina Bangs, just to name a few. The project was spearheaded by Gena Showalter and agent/author Deidre Knight. It's going to be really cool! I'm so psyched to be a part of it. You can see the web ring link on the right column of my page.

2) I'm currently on tour with the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. You can find an interview with me on Gayle Brandeis's blog today. I believe I will also be featured on Karin Gillespie?s Diary of a Hype Hag blog and Megan Crane's blog later today. I love the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. As an author, it's a great, free way to publicize your books. And as a reader, it's fun to learn about some of the great new books coming out.

3) "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court" was selected as a TOP PICK over at Romance Readers of the Heart. And what a great review!!! Thanks soo much ladies!

4) It's my MOM'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (GAH - now I'm wondering if Mom is reading my blog. It's hard enough thinking of my dad reading my book... luckily he says he skips the sex scenes...)

5) It's also my dog's birthday. However, I know she doesn't read my blog so I can trash her. ;-)


QUESTION OF THE DAY (So this isn't all about me)
What is your favorite teen 80s movie?

Mine is "Some Kind of Wonderful." I had a relationship similar to that in high school/college. A guy I was in love with who I had to play the "best friend" role with, while he dated other girls. I did end up getting him in the end (as Watts does) but then realized we were probably better off as friends. Or um, enemies, actually. :-) But as for the movie, I still cry everytime I watch the last scene where Eric Stoltz gives Watts the earrings. Now that's romance to me. I wish I could write something that powerful.

Plus I love the Flesh for Lulu theme song, "I Go Crazy." I'm sure the RT DJ never heard of it though.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lights, Camera, GAH!

Okay, so I've worked in TV for 9 years. You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal at all for me to go in front of the camera to do a live interview about my book, right?

Um, turns out - WRONG.

I was featured on CN8's Nitebeat last night. A cable program that is aired all down the eastern seaboard to anyone who has Comcast cable. When asked to be on the show, I thought, "Hey, no problem." I wasn't nervous at all. Until I got there. And got made up by the makeup artist. And went under the hot lights. And chatted live and off the cuff for 8 or so minutes with the male host about my book. And tried to make witty commentary when he brought up Fabio.

For those of you who've never done it, I'll tell you now. It was scary. Very, very scary. And I'm a freaking TV Producer! I calm people down in front of the camera for a living. I tell them it's no big deal. Don't be nervous. It's just two people chatting.

I'm such a liar.

Hopefully I came off sounding okay. Hopefully it will introduce some new people to my book. Cause after I came off the set, I was SHAKING. Luckily the host, Barry Nolan, was great and asked good questions. That was the only thing that got me through it.

The things we do to promote our books!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Just another Manic Monday

It's Monday so my big post is over at the Literary Chicks blogsite. I must confess I kind of got a bit snarky this morning... but it was fun. Check it out. Comment here if you like, since they don't have comments enabled.

I'm going to be on TV tonight! The Comcast Cable station CN8 is hosting me on their Nitebeat show at 7pm. I'll be doing a live (gah!) interview with Barry Nolan (Former anchor of Hard Copy) about CT Fashionista. If you live on the eastern seaboard and get Comcast cable, check it out. If you miss the live version, but have ON DEMAND, you can find it stored there after it airs.

That's all for now! If you want more blog hopping, be sure to check out Liz Maverick's real life "Conference Chicken" photos! (Just don't ask her about the poem!) Scary stuff. And MaryJanice Davidson has finally gone to the dark side and started a blog. Woot! You've got to read her rant on Beverly Feldman shoes!! And finally, feel free to add to the lively "Hot British Men" discussion going on in the comments section of my post yesterday.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sin City and "Ohhh Aflie!!"

Sin City was really really cool. It was literally a comic book, come to life. Amazing visuals. Just so creative and artistic. I adored it. Sure, the storyline was a little weak, but the special effects more than made up for it. Oh, it's really, really violent as well. (After all, it is a Rodriguez/Tarantino flick.) So if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff - stay away. But if you like overly stylized films, make sure you see it before it leaves theaters.

I also rented Alfie (The Jude Law version) and watched it in the afternoon. All I can say is - how is it possible for one man to look sooo good? Jude Law is my ultimate guy. There is absolutely no one in the universe who outranks him in the looks and charm department. Then again, I've never been one of those girls who goes for guys who are really muscular and masculine. I hate Alpha heroes. As those of you who know me in real life can vouch for, I've always been a sucker for a well dressed, lanky, English "pretty boy" who is intelligent and charming. (And hopefully not gay!) I think it all stems back to my early obsession with David Bowie...


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

For those of you who asked, the party was great. It was at this hip bar called "The Living Room" on Boston's waterfront neighborhood. Very cool space which, as its name implies, has loungy couches which make for a very relaxed atmosphere. I hadn't planned on staying for more than a drink, but then I got to talking and actually stayed much later and had a lot of fun.

Then this AM I went shopping and found some new work clothes (which I sorely needed) and a dress for the Golden Hearts/Rita dinner they're having at the National RWA conference this year. The dress is really cool - it's white and flowy and sort of looks like a Greek Goddess kind of thing. Not something I normally would have ever thought of wearing, but I love it. Now I just need some silver strappy sandals and cool jewelry.

Parties and shopping. This is what weekends should always be made of.

I think I'm going to the movies tonight. Not sure what we're going to see. I've been outvoted on Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy already. (My friends aren't as geeky as I am.) I'm thinking maybe Kingdom of Heaven would be good - as it's one of those ones you want to see on the big screen. I heard that Kung Fu Hustle is funny, but maybe that's better as a rental. I hardly EVER get to the movies - so I want to be sure to see something good.

Okay I've bored you long enough with my weekend ramblings! Hope yours is just as fun!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Add it Up, Add it Up

So much blogging to do ... so little time to do it in...

One - If you haven't been following The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen on Gena Showalter and Diana Peterfreund's blogs, you must go there now. Absolutely hilarious stuff. And you will find out my super alter ego -- Comedia! Able to save a sagging plot in a single humorous bound! But beware - the villians writers face - Bad Covera, Overlord Leixicon, Fickle Muse - are strong enemies indeed.

Two - Found a cool new review of CT Fashionista if you're into reading that kind of thing.

Three - IT'S FRIDAY!! Wooooot! And I'm off to a PARTY.

Four: Speaking of Diana - she goes on a good rant about YA fiction on her blog today. Okay, it's more like a discussion, rather than a rant. But read it. It's good.

Five - Red Pen Diaries does a RT wrap-up. Interesting and honest analysis of the conference. No mention of zoot suits.

Six - eFoodie talks about my book release party and what a cool bar Croma is. I agree!!

Seven - I never did post the martini recipes from aforementioned Croma party. Here you go. Drink up! Just don't drive afterwards. I'd never forgive myself.

The Fashionista Martini
1 oz Citadelle Apple Vodka
½ oz Brandy
½ oz Cointreau
Garnish with an Apple Slice

King Arthur's Martini
1 oz Patron Gold Tequila
1 oz Grand Marnier
½ oz Orange Juice
½ oz Fresh Lemon Sour
Garnished with an Orange Slice

Mancusi's Martini
1 oz Parrot Bay Rum
1 oz Blue Curacao
½ oz Pineapple Juice
Garnish with an Orange Slice

Eight - "Oh I forget was eight was for... but nine... nine... "

Nine - If you don't know what that above song lyric is from, go sit in the corner with the RT DJ who didn't know who the Smiths were.

Ten - I'm KIDDING. I'm not a musical snob. Really. But come on - who can name that tune!?

Okay this blog has gone downhill fast. Must start weekend.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

GCC: The Bitch Posse

Ooh - we've got a great book up today as part of the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit! I'm so excited about this one. It's called "The Bitch Posse" and it's a St. Martin's book by debut author Martha O'Connor.

The dark story of three very different best friends whose lives change forever on one fateful night in high school, The Bitch Posse explores secrets, lies, betrayals and the deep relationships we form that no one can truly understand

Edgy doesn't begin to describe this one. I mean how many books out there come with a warning label? Or have been nominated for the Nerve.com's Henry Miller Award for best literary sex scene? I ask you!?

Anyhow, enough of me blabbing - here's the blurb:

With bold and unflinching language, O'Connor weaves past and present from the perspectives of three best friends, Rennie, Amy, and Cherry as rebellious teens and then as grown women in their mid-30's coping with the repercussions of their actions. As high school seniors, the girls form a tight circle of friends which they name the Bitch Posse? in order to lash out against tumultuous situations in their lives. But as steadfast as their friendship is, it's not enough to protectthe girls from circumstances that cause all three of their lives to spiral out of control.

Rennie has a doomed affair with her married drama teacher, which results in her bearing the psychic weight of an abortion and a blighted love. Amy's parents think their daughter has thrown over her bad-news friends, and upon learning their daughter has become a drug and alcohol addict (not unlike themselves) they turn their backs on her. Cherry's mother finds solace in cocaine, then heroin, leaving her daughter to target her rage at someone, anyone, over whom she has control.

Flash-forward to the present, where one girl is now a wife and mother-to-be, trying to uphold a life of normalcy for herself and herfamily. One is a writer with a sexual addiction that sucks her into destructive relationships. And one is incarcerated in a mental hospital ? and has been since one fateful night fifteen years ago, when a betrayal led them to commit a crime that profoundly changed their destinies. Fascinated by the struggle between good and evil within the human spirit, Martha O'Connor delves into the dark side of human nature, the intensity of female friendship, and the possibilities of redemption inTHE BITCH POSSE.

Emotionally raw, upsetting, and provocative, this is the introduction of a huge new talent and will leave readers reeling this season. As Edmund White says, "The Bitch Posse is a debut worthy of Joyce Carol Oates."

Doesn't that sound sooo intriguing?? Oh, I know, I know.. You guys just want to read this potential award sex scene don't you? Sigh. I try and try to educate...

Fine. Here you go. Make sure your children are out of the room first.... I'm so not ready to start corrupting minors on this blog.


When Editors Go AWOL

Okay, not really AWOL, but my editor Kate Seaver officially announced yesterday that she's leaving Dorchester and moving on to be a senior editor at Berkley. I'm sooo sad. I mean, happy for her, of course, since it's what she wants, but sad for myself cause I loved working with her soo much.

The good news is they've replaced her with the darling Leah Hultenschmidt, who is really nice and smart and likes the Red Sox. So I'm not as sad as I would be otherwise. I'm sure Leah will be great to work with. Leah will also be taking over the YA "Smooch" line, so if you have any of those types of stories, send 'em to her now instead. Congrats Leah on the promotion!!!

I don't mean to get mushy here - so not my style - but really, Kate changed my whole life by giving me my first book deal. She believed in me when no other editor did. She loved my writing and encouraged my weird, off-the-wall cross-genre stories. She is a true gem of an editor and Berkley is lucky to get her.

I'll miss you, Kate!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Party Pictures!

Hi all,

Well, I'm happy to report that the book release party was a rousing success. We had a GREAT turnout and everyone seemed to have a blast. The Mancusi martini was yummy - though I only had a taste. (I was sort of afraid that drinking a whole one would have an adverse affect on my signing books ability.)

Special thank you to all the folks at Croma they really went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure this party was a success. And the waitstaff was fun and friendly. If you ever need a venue for a special event in Boston - I highly recommend you give them a call!

My friend Mary was nice enough to take photos. Here are a few:

Those are just a small sampling. She took about 40 photos - so if you were there and want to see all of them - you can find them here.

Anyway - thanks to all of you who came. It was such a blast! I love you all.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Everyday is like Tuesday...

Tonight's the night of my book release party! Whoo hoo!! I know you're probably sick of hearing about it at this point, so all I'll say is I hope to see some of you there - and if you can't come, but still want to sample one of the three specialty martinis, Fresh Fiction has put the recipes on their website. And I promise to post pictures.

Watched a very interesting low-budget movie last night on Starz called "A Midsummer Night's Rave." It was basically the plot of the Shakespeare play, but set at a Southern California rave. Very different. I really liked it, but then, as a former raver girl, I'm a bit biased.

Other things of note:

Dorchester posted some more photos from the RT Convention. Check 'em out.

Author Liz Maverick FINALLY hopped on the blog bandwagon and now seems quite addicted to the sport! (Told yah, Liz!) Since she's such a world traveler, her blog has exciting photos of places like Thailand on it. (And blatently stolen RT photos from me!) Oh, and if you've come from her site to sulk with the people who don't know who The Smiths are, the lyrics she quotes are from a "They Might Be Giants" song. Go on back and pretend you knew it all along. I won't tell.

Okay enough blabbing for now...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Good Looking Guys of Boston Unite

Think there will be a bunch of hotties at my Boston book party tomorrow night? Vanessa Virtue has laid down the gauntlet and perhaps we will all benefit from her cute-guy crisis challenge!!!! :-)

BTW... you've heard the one about the infinite monkeys and the infinite typewriters producing Shakespeare, right? Well what if you offered them blogging software?

I don't know where my friends find this stuff. Honestly.


Guest Blogging

As I mentioned before, I'm guest blogging once a week at the Literary Chicks site this month. My Monday blog is up there now. It's on getting a buzz going on your book when you don't have any money to do so. Check it out! If you have any comments on my post there, you can post them here, as they don't allow comments on their blog.

I've decided I like comments. Thanks Larrissa for convincing me!! :-)

More later...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Boo -- No Emmy!

Well, the Emmy awards dinner was last night. I didn't go 'cause I didn't have a spare $110 to spend on a ticket. Anyway, it was lucky I didn't, 'cause I didn't win. Booo! But I'm not too broken up about it. After all, I won the last 2 years I entered and this year I HAVE A BOOK. Which is, in my opinion, far more exciting than some statue. :-)

I got a really nice new review up on Amazon yesterday and part of it cracked me up. It said, "This Author was SO obviously raised in front of a TV, receiving the typical American educational upbringing courtesy of modern day television programing." ha!

My mom would sooo freak out if she read that! And actually the reviewer is completely wrong. Growing up, my brother and I had no cable, we weren't allowed to watch MTV or HBO over friends' houses, and were sent to a private Christian school. Very, very sheltered from anything worldly.

It wasn't til I was older that I crash coursed pop culture because I was so starving for it by that time. :-) Became a child of the 80s, and never looked back.

Still, it was a really nice review, so thanks to whoever wrote it.


Friday, May 06, 2005

Random Stuff

Hey all,

Got my cover flats and galleys for Sk8er Boy yesterday. That was a fun surprise. I think publishers put them in the same envelope on purpose so authors are like "Ooh cover flats!" and then "Ugh, galleys." heh. But since Sk8er Boy is only 45k, it'll take no time to read through them. Also, I love the cover even more now that I see the flats. So cute.

My editor at Berkley also wrote me yesterday saying that she loved Boys that Bite, calling it "wonderful" and saying it's "one of those few YA books that really gets the combo of sweet and spicy just right." Awh! I was really nervous about whether they would like it or not. With Kate at Dorchester, I feel I know her well enough now to get what she likes. But with Berkley, I was completely in the dark. So what a relief. The changes she asked for are really, really minor as well. Yay! Also, what's cool is she said the publisher is so excited about this book they're releasing it in April now instead of May! I cannot WAIT to see the cover! I hope it's Buffy the Vampire Slayer'ish and not too cartoony.

Don't forget if you're in the Boston area that I have a book release party on Tuesday after work. (Around 6:30pm - 8:30pm) It's at Croma Boston (formerly Davio's) 269 Newbury St. They put me on their website, which is cool (www.cromaboston.com) and check out the specialty martinis they are offering: A Fashionista Martini, a King Arthur Martini, and even a Mancusi Martini. Too cool! I've never had my own drink before. :-) Something tells me my handwriting is going to be awfully sloppy for those signings!!!

More tomorrow...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ

This is another RT story. You know the girl in American Pie who always says, "One time in band camp"? Well, for the next week or so, that's going to be me.

One time in RT...

It's Saturday night. The Dorchester Roaring Twenties party. There's flappers. There's a DJ and dancing. The wine's flowing and everyone's in the mood to party. Except for one little problem. The music SUCKS.

So Cindy Holby, Dorchester author, goes up to the DJ.

Cindy: "Hey can you play some dance music?"

DJ: Well, I played dance music the other nights and people are sick of hearing the same songs.
(evidently he has limited supply of this so-called "dance music" though he seems well stocked in 70s disco diva empowerment songs.)

Cindy: Um, well people are leaving in droves because of this "new" music you're playing, so maybe some repetition wouldn't be such a bad thing.

DJ: (shrugs) Well we'll see what I can do.

Well, the music does not get better. In fact, it starts "Raining Men." So Chris K. and I decide perhaps the man behind the turntables needs a more "specific" request, rather than the vague term "dance music." But what should we request?

Well, first we decide it must be 80s music. Then we decide The Smiths "How Soon is Now" would be a good choice. (Of course, this is a true testament to our state of mind, as this song is not exactly an upbeat dance tune, but whatever.)

Chris goes to tell the DJ and comes back a minute later.

Chris: He doesn't know the Smiths.
Me: You mean he doesn't HAVE The Smiths.
Chris: No. I mean he doesn't know them. He's never heard of them.
Me: What the...?

Could it be possible? Could this man never have become acquainted with Morrissey and Johney Marr and the whole depressing gang? I mean, I understand that not everyone listens to the same type of music. Not everyone was a child of the 80s. But this guy's a DJ. He makes a living playing music. You'd think the influential 80s new wave band would have somehow, at some point, shown up as a blip on his radar. Sure, maybe he doesn't put them into regular rotation, but not ever heard of them?

We took a impromptu poll and discovered, to our shock and horror, that there were several people there who also did not have any clue as to who The Smiths were. So very sad to think that a band that so profoundly influenced me as a high schooler could have completely escaped notice by others.

So.... anyway - if you're one of those people who have been missing out on some truly excellent 80s music, please take note of the following links and get ready for some Smiths 101.

That should get you started!! Just don't get too depressed... ;-)


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Buzzing about the Daily Buzz

Wow - yesterday sure was a busy day at Cosmos and Chat. I usually get around 30-40 visits a day - yesterday I got over 100. I'd love to think it's because you missed me while I was away at RT, but I'm guessing it had more to do with me posting pics of Chris Kesslar. Sigh. But hey, I'm sure Chris doesn't mind me exploiting him to hock books, right? After all, it's good for Dorchester, too. ;-) (Note to self: bring camera to Nationals...)

Today "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court" was featured on the WB's "The Daily Buzz" show as a May pick of the month. (The other pick was Kyra Davis's RDI book Sex, Murder and a Double Latte.) Lit Chick Kristin Harmel wrote a terrific review! You can check it out here.

Okay gotta run out on a shoot. May try to write more later as I feel rather chatty today.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Literary Chicks

I think I mentioned before that I am the Literary Chicks guest blogger this month. I did my first post today, if anyone wants to wander over and take a peek. :-) I'm psyched to be a part of such a fun blog site, even if it is only for a month. I'll be posting once a week - normally on Mondays, but they gave me a much needed dispensation this week cause of my RT exhaustion. And I'll be giving away books over there as well.


Monday, May 02, 2005

RT Photos!!!

Okay here you have it!! Photos from the Romantic Times Convention. Let me know what you think of Dorchester senior editor Chris Keesler's Zoot Suit!! :-)

Crimson City Girls - Liz Maverick and Marjorie M. Liu

Liz Maverick and me - introducing RT to Chick Lit (no, it's not gum!)

Mystery Chick Susan McBride and Everything Chick Alesia Holliday

The Chick Lit Panel - Michelle Cunnah, Alesia Holliday, Shane Bolks, Liz Maverick, & me

Look Ma! I'm on a poster!

My very first book signing! Too bad I didn't sell as many copies as Laurell K. Hamilton

Speaking of the illustrious Laurell... Maybe some of her fame will rub off on me!

Mr. Romance Pageant - insert snarky comment here.

Me and Dorch editor Chris Keeslar, vamping it up at the Dorchester Roaring Twenties Party

Stylin' Pimp hat, Chris. Doesn't Dorchester Diva Diane Stacey look adorable?

Diane with Dorchester's newest Lolly - American Title Winner (!!) Janice Lynn. Also Joy Nash

GCC: gods in Alabama

Okay we'll get to the juicy RT pics in the next entry (patience is a virtue, Diana **grin**) But first up we have a Girlfriend Cyber Circuit book to tell you about. Joshilyn Jackson and her Southern Fiction book gods in Alabama.

Here's a blurb:

When Arlene Fleet headed off to college in Chicago, she made three promises to God: She would never again lie, she would stop fornicating with every boy who crossed her path, and she'd never, ever go back to her tiny hometown of Possett, Alabama (the "fourth rack of Hell"). All God had to do in exchange was to make sure the body of high school quarterback Jim Beverly was never found. Ten years later, Arlene has kept her promises, but an old school-mate has recently turned up asking questions. And now Arlene's African American beau has given her a tough ultimatum: introduce him to her family, or he's gone. As she prepares to confront guilt, discrimination, and a decade of deception, Arlene is about to discover just how far she will go to find redemption - and love.
Sounds intriguing, huh? Joshilyn got a starred review from Library Journal. They said, "Forget steel magnolias---meet titanium blossoms in Jackson's debut novel, a potent mix of humor, murder, and a dysfunctional Southern family."

If you're curious how she got her interesting title and what's influenced Joshilyn in her writing, you can check out a q&a she has on her website. And if you're curious what's up next for this talented Southern novelist, you can read about her upcoming novel Between, Georgia.

You can order gods in Alabama here.

Back from RT!

I am back from RT and what an amazing time I had. It was soo much fun. I could go on all day. I also have PICTURES - including way cool blackmail ones of Dorchester editor Chris Keesler in a Zoot Suit during the Dorchester Roaring 20's party. **grin** I'm too exhausted to upload at the moment, but I promise they're worth the wait!!

Anyway - if you have yet to experience the madness of RT - I highly recommend it for next year. I wasn't sure I would like it, but I had a really good time. I was able to connect with many readers and booksellers and met and signed a lot of books at the booksigning. I was pleased to hear people come up and say, "Oh I've heard of this!" or "I've been dying to get this!" And especially pleased to hear the Barnes and Noble bookseller walk by and remark, "Oh this book's doing REALLY well." Yay!!

And the parties were really cool as well. There was a masquerade ball - and you should have seen all the people's costumes. Then the next night there was a Vampires in Oz ball, which was also quite interesting. But the best party of them all was the Dorchester Roaring 20s party. Even though the DJ didn't know who The Smiths were (sorry Chris!) we danced until they kicked us out. Then we went up to the bar and hung out until 3:30am. I was sooo tired the next day, but it was totally worth it.

I hung out mostly with the Dorchester crowd - many of whom I met in person for the first time. What a great group!!! Everyone made me feel like I was part of the family. I love that! Unfortunately my editor Kate Seaver couldn't come, which was sad, but Chris K took care of us all very well, along with Diane Stacey who is so fun and nice!!! Wait til you see Diane's flapper costume. It rocked!!

I'm sad to have to go back to reality today, but I guess we'll always have conference chicken. (Sorry private joke - trademarked by Liz Maverick so I am not at liberty to explain.) Now I can't WAIT for Nationals. Though I'm thinking that won't be as much fun since there's no dancing...