Thursday, May 12, 2005

When Editors Go AWOL

Okay, not really AWOL, but my editor Kate Seaver officially announced yesterday that she's leaving Dorchester and moving on to be a senior editor at Berkley. I'm sooo sad. I mean, happy for her, of course, since it's what she wants, but sad for myself cause I loved working with her soo much.

The good news is they've replaced her with the darling Leah Hultenschmidt, who is really nice and smart and likes the Red Sox. So I'm not as sad as I would be otherwise. I'm sure Leah will be great to work with. Leah will also be taking over the YA "Smooch" line, so if you have any of those types of stories, send 'em to her now instead. Congrats Leah on the promotion!!!

I don't mean to get mushy here - so not my style - but really, Kate changed my whole life by giving me my first book deal. She believed in me when no other editor did. She loved my writing and encouraged my weird, off-the-wall cross-genre stories. She is a true gem of an editor and Berkley is lucky to get her.

I'll miss you, Kate!!


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Gena Showalter said...

Oh, Marianne! I know what it means to have an editor who believes in you, and that's such a wonderful thing. Big hugs on Kate's move. However, I predict BIG things for you and your career!!! Big, big, big.