Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Writer Drugs

My friend Liz Maverick always says, "A writer's got to have drugs." And no, she doesn't mean the illegal kind. :P The idea is that you're at home, alone, plugging away, discouragements hitting you left and right, and it becomes hard to keep up the motivation. You're a loser. A poser. Why ever did you think you could write books? Maybe you should just give it all up and go be a dentist or something.

Then it happens - you get a fan email, cover art, a new book deal, whatever. Something great happens. And suddenly you're jazzed again, excited about writing, ready to go that extra mile to get it all done. Those, my friends, are the drugs.

I'm happy to say I got some drugs this week - and boy did I need them!

  • My agent sent out my new proposal to editors yesterday!!! So I can obsess about that for the next few months. Imagine my new dream book deal, etc.
  • I got cover art for my October YA "GIRLS THAT GROWL" and it ROCKS. I love it so much. As soon as it's finalized I'll post it.
  • I got invited to speak at the New England RWA conference in April. My talk will be "Not Acting Your Age" and is basically a YA how-to.

So lots and lots of good writer drugs! Now I can keep going!!


Monday, October 30, 2006

Say it isn't so!

Ryan and Reese getting divorced!?!? Of all couples, I thought these two actually had a chance at a happily ever after. Guess that doesn't happen in Hollywood...

In happier news, Ryan's single again. **evil grin**

For the whole scoop, check out TMZ. And someone get me Ryan's cell # asap!


Friday, October 27, 2006

Vampires a Mathematical Impossibility, Scientist Says

So I saw this article today:

Vampires a Mathematical Impossibility, Scientist Says

Sara GoudarziLiveScience Staff WriterLiveScience.comWed
Oct 25, 5:15 PM ET

A researcher has come up with some simple math that sucks the life out of the vampire myth, proving that these highly popular creatures can't exist.

University of Central Florida physics professor Costas Efthimiou's work debunks pseudoscientific ideas, such as vampires and zombies, in an attempt to enhance public literacy.

Not only does the public believe in such topics, but the percentages are at dangerously high level, Efthimiou told LiveScience.Legend has it that vampires feed on human blood and once bitten a person turns into a vampire and starts feasting on the blood of others.

Efthimiou's debunking logic: On Jan 1, 1600, the human population was 536,870,911. If the first vampire came into existence that day and bit one person a month, there would have been two vampires by Feb. 1, 1600. A month later there would have been four, and so on. In just two-and-a-half years the original human population would all have become vampires with nobody left to feed on. If mortality rates were taken into consideration, the population would disappear much faster. Even an unrealistically high reproduction rate couldn't counteract this effect.

"In the long run, humans cannot survive under these conditions, even if our population were doubling each month," Efthimiou said. "And doubling is clearly way beyond the human capacity of reproduction."

So whatever you think you see prowling around on Oct. 31, it most certainly won't
turn you into a vampire.

Obviously this researcher hasn't done much research. You don't turn into a vampire just by being bitten by one! Eesh! Has this person EVER read a vampire book in his life? You have to drink the vampire's blood to become a vampire and they're sure as hell not going to let everyone they snack on to bite them back. In fact, most often the blood donor dies. Duh.

I won't even go into the part about why the heck are people studying such nonsense.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm so annoyed today. First I wake up to a bird in my apartment. ANOTHER BIRD! This is the 3rd or 4th bird that has flown through my chimney and into my apartment in the last month. And it's nearly impossible to get them to go out the window. They crap all over my stuff and bang against my windows and it's the most annoying thing in the universe. And if I keep my flu closed they get stuck in the chimney and bang around for a few days causing a horrible rukkus and then DIE so when I open the flu dead birds fall into my fireplace.

I told my landlord this was happening last winter and nothing was done. I need to speak to him again. And here I thought a working fireplace was a luxury in a Boston apartment. I'd much rather have a sealed up one at this point.

To make matters worse my monitor died on me this morning. So my manuscript, which I am very behind on as it is, is trapped inside my computer and I can't see it. And of course I have zero money to be wasting on a new monitor and I can't even move the one I have because it weighs a TON. (It's a 25 inch monitor cause I play videogames.)

Sometimes it really sucks to live alone.

Anyway, just had to vent.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Children of the Universe

I found this on YouTube. I just love it. Had to share.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday, Friday!

I finished polishing the first 35 pages of Moongazer and passed them in to my editor this morning. I don't normally pass in books 35 pages at a time, but they're doing excerpt booklets for a special mailing to booksellers and needed some chapters. For two weeks, I've been working overtime to get these pages done. Now I need to get back to Girls that Growl, which I have to pass in mid-November. Then go back and finish Moongazer. Sigh. The deadlines really never end. But the good thing is I LOVE both of these books so they're a pleasure to work on.

I also revised a partial for a new YA book that my new agent will be sending out soon. Currently waiting to hear her thoughts on it. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so hopefully she'll agree!! She's tough - but in a good way! After all, I'd rather have all my submissions perfect before sending them out.

I'm so glad it's Friday - though I'm helping a friend move into her new apartment tomorrow so it won't be all fun and games. But it's all good. I don't mind. I should also try to get some writing done, but I'm really lousy at writing on the weekends. So all in all, probably a mellow weekend. But thats just in preparation for next week's Halloween fun!! Cheer!

Three things on MySpace that bug me:

1) Authors who write erotica who try to friend my teen book. While I have no personal problems with erotica, I don't want to give my 12-17 year old readers easy access to it. PLEASE don't invite me. Invite my adult MySpace page instead. (www.myspace.com/whatnoroses)

2) Authors who spam advertisements in my comments section. I can spot an auto-comment a mile away and it not only annoys me, it makes me not want to buy your book. If you don't have time to comment personally, then don't comment at all. If you want to plug your book - send a bulletin. But don't clutter up MY page with your blatant, non targeted advertisement.

3) People who auto-add you. The guy selling cds for toddlers did not stumble across my profile and say "Hey, she'd be a great friend." And I'm sure the guy writing a literary book about death, sex, and drugs did not say "Hey, here's a teen author who I'd really like to get to know." Bands are notorious for that, too. Using auto-add programs that don't target WHO they're inviting. If you just want a million friends, fine. But everyone I invite to MY MySpace page is invited for a reason. They may like vampire books, they may like Buffy. They may like other authors I do. They may BE other authors I admire. But I've chosen to invite them for a reason. And so if you invite me, I look at your profile and decide whether I want to friend you.

I also am not a HUGE fan of the glitter "Thanks for the add" graphics, but some of them are actually pretty so I'm not putting that on the list. :)


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Win an ARC of Stake That!

Today only - head on over to Out of the Blogosphere and join the block party! Lots of great prizes being given away - including an advanced copy of STAKE THAT! All you have to do is post a comment under my blog entry and you'll be entered. Drawing at the end of the day!

What are you waiting for? ;-)


Monday, October 16, 2006

Out of the Blogosphere - BLOCK PARTY!

All this week, the fab paranormal authors on Out of the Blogosphere are having a block party. That means fun posts, free stuff, recipes, contests, and more! My day to post will be tomorrow (Tuesday) but in the meantime if you want a fab recipe for Rebecca York's buffalo wings or to try your hand at winning some books - you'd better head over there now!! :)

I think I'll be giving away an advanced copy of STAKE THAT! tomorrow. And maybe other fun stuff. Just don't expect any recipes from me. I'm a city girl. I do takeout.


Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm currently taking a break from writing GIRLS THAT GROWL to write and polish the first 30 pages of my August book MOONGAZER because Dorchester is putting together special excerpt booklets for the first three books in the new SHOMI line to send to booksellers and needs the excerpts super early for the mailing. It's a great opportunity for some extra promotion so of course I am working overtime to get the partial done.

And I'm having a blast writing it. There's just something about starting a brand new book that I find exhilarating. The joy of meeting the new characters and discovering their personalities. Crafting that perfect beginning. Plotting how the story will unfold.

And this book is extra special cause it's my first foray into speculative fiction. Imagining and creating a brave new post-apocalyptic world from scratch. So much fun--especially for a sci-fi junkie like myself. This is also my first non-comedy, though I can't help but throw in some sardonic humor here and there. It just wouldn't be a "me" book without it. It's also still first person, so it's not a complete departure from my normal style. Basically if you took the voice of a chick lit book and threw it into the Matrix, you'd get something like Moongazer. I think. I hope. Well, you'll see. :)

Anyway, I could go on and on -- I'm really excited about this new project as you can tell. But it's Friday and the 13th and so I'm off to a Friday the 13th movie watching party. Gotta love Jason Voorhees!!!


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random Stuff

Ooh guess what? I finally have a website devoted to my teen books. I'd been using my adult website and MySpace for the longest time so it's nice to finally have a real site. Check it out here. Thanks to the awesome Dreamforge Media for setting it up. I think it looks really cool.

Cindy Holby posted some fun pics of our NYC adventure on her blog, including all those yummy desserts we devoured. Mmmm... I can still taste the sugar.

My February book "A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest" is now up for pre-sale on Amazon. Horray! This is the sequel to my first adult title "A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur's Court."

And okay, for you guys who thought that loft apartment on the Upper West Side was too small, how about this one I found on Craigslist today. Pretty nice, huh? Then again, it darn well should be for $11,000 a month!!

Back to writing....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NYC/NJ Trip Report

I'm back from my NYC/NJ adventure. I had sooo much fun!

To recap: I took a train into the city Tuesday night and hung out with my friend down in the East Village. Then Weds I went to Dorchester where I worked with my editor to finalize revisions on A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest, my February book. Then I met up with my partner in crime, Liz Maverick, at our hotel (a great little Comfort Inn in Hell's Kitchen which, despite the name, is really a cool area.) We went out for sushi in midtown at a place called Blue Fin in the W Hotel. Good stuff.

On Thursday, Liz and I went back to Dorchester to have lunch with the head of sales, head of publicity and our editor Chris to talk about all the fabulous plans they have in store for the launch of the new Shomi line. Liz is doing book #1 in the launch (WIRED) and I'm doing #2 (MOONGAZER). I'm so excited about this project because 1) It's a very cool, different style of book for me to be writing and 2) it's part of a launch so there's all sorts of special promotion attached that a midlist writer like me doesn't normally get. I can't wait! Of course this means very tight writing deadlines, but I know I can do it. I can't wait to see the manga-inspired covers, too.

Thursday night was Dorch author night. Liz, Jade Lee, Cindy Holby and I went down to Greenwich Village to eat at a former speakeasy called Chumley's. Then we found a terrific Italian bakery nearby where we pretty much ordered everything in the case and drank cappaccino. Mmmm... delicious!!!

On Friday we headed down to the NJ RWA conference. It was a lot of fun. This is the 4th year I've gone to this conference and I always have a good time. We went to a great plotting workshop by Bob Mayer which was both inspiring and scary. Then Liz won an award for her book Crimson Rogue. I also got to see lots of my writer buddies - including Alesia Holliday and Barb Ferrier and Nadia Cornier. It's so not fair that I don't get to see these people on an everyday basis.

Saturday night I came back into the city to hang with friends and Sunday I went home. Now I'm back to reality with all sorts of crazy deadlines, but at least I had a really fun week!!


Monday, October 02, 2006

I <3 NY

It's Monday, but since I'm only working today and tomorrow it feels more like Thursday. Yay! Two day work weeks are the best! Especially two day work weeks that end with exciting trips to NYC!!

Okay, fine, I go to NYC so much I don't think I'm allowed to call the trips exciting anymore. Except that they are. I love NYC so much. My ultimate life's goal is to live there. Right on the Upper West Side, probably in the 70s/80s. A few short blocks away from Central Park. Even if all I could afford was a tiny studio - not much bigger than a closet. After all, the city itself would be my backyard!!!

Here's my little UWS dream apartment. Isn't it just too cute? I love the loft bedroom. I could SO see myself living here. Of course to you guys who aren't city people, this may seem a small version of hell, but I'm a total city girl at heart and this apartment is totally me.