Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adventures in Teen Drama

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest to win the Australian cover of CT Fashionista. The winner is -Courtney Slavin! Congrats Courtney. :)

Last night we went to a friend's birthday party at this bar in Southie where they have trivia night. Was pretty fun - lots of great people there - but I realized I kind of suck at trivia. Sigh. I'd imagined myself so much smarter. But the questions were REALLY HARD! :)

Anyway - here's something fun and self-indulgent. One of the things I do when I research for my YA books is I go back and read my journals from back when I was in high school. Gets me into the mindset of a teen. And since you guys are along for this crazy ride - I thought I'd share an entry with you. This is from July 20th, 1991 - so nearly 14 years ago. That would make me 17 years old. I call this entry - adventures with an alpha guy.

July 20th 12:49am
Well, I guess it's really July 21st. I had the (f word)ing best day today. I worked until 2 then at 3:30 I went over Aprils and me, Ape, and Shiela went to N. Andover where all these bands were playing and Guido's Dead was one of them. We, along with a wicked lot of people that I know were these and Brian was there and he had his 9 foot Burmese Python. I touched it. It was kind of neat.

Then we went to Jim B's house to go swimming. While there, Brian comes up behind me while I was talking to Mark and put his head on my shoulder, not kissing, but having his lips touch my neck. He's like, "I know you want to kiss me!" I said, "Nah, I already have." Mark was like, "Ooh she burnt you, Brian!" But Brian, the ever coolness himself goes, "Yeah, and I gave you to Russell." So I got the ultimate burn!!! So anyways then April, Kim, Chrissinda, Sheila, Jim, Jay, John, Grahmn, Brian and some other people decided to go to the beach. I went in April's car and sat in the front with Ape on the left and Big Bri on the right. I had only eaten a chocolate chip cookie and small fri in 2 days and was dying of hunger so I was like, "Brian want to buy me some fries?" cause before he said he owed me some. (I had bought myself some and he ended up eating them all before.) He said he had no money or he'd love to. Hell, he'd even take me out to dinner.

When we got to the beach, we ony stayed for about 15 minutes. Some girl asked Brian to sleep with her on the beach, but he declined. (Surprises never cease!) He kept pulling my hair on the way home. He said I was giving him "bedroom eyes" and was "so glad he didn't go off with that girl." When I got out of the car, he made a loud kissing sound and goes, "Thanks for the kiss!" I kicked him. Now I'm home, the end.

Brian is so forward. It makes me nervous sometimes. But he is so hot - I find him sexy. Isn't that awful to write? I have no idea why I do. I would kiss him if I was positive the whole state and the wrong people wouldn't find out. He is the best kisser and if he keeps coming on to me, I'll just have to go for it!

Funny, huh? The adventures in teen love. So dramatic! So does the young Marianne succumb to her forbidden desires? Does she indeed go and make out Brian? And what happens when her mother finds her journal and reads all about it?

You can tell me if you have any interest in me continuing the saga. :) I won't be offended either way.



Courtney said...

I won! I'm so excited! :) I want to know what happened with Brian... which is funny because I have a friend named Marianne, spelled the same, and she's common-law with a guy named Brian. Interesting... very very interesting...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Courtney :)

That's a great entry Marianne. Yes do tell us what happened with Brian :)

ParkAvePirate said...

Trivia + bars = a good time!!! There is this sushi-martini bar in Minneapolis that does kung-fu trivia night. I don't know why or how but I rock at it.
Please do continue on with your diary. It's fun to visit memory lane. You have inspired me to break out my New Kids on the Block journal to go back in time.

TJBrown said...

Ahhh Imagine being a teenager in the nineties. I graduated in 1983 so I actually did my heavy partying in the eighties. After the sexual revolution and before Aids. Now those were the days!

Tell us more!

Liz Maverick said...

My god, bring it on. My journal wouldn't have been have as exciting. More like:

"No boys looked at me this week. Or last week. One touched me last month, but it was because I happened to be walking by when he slipped on an errant spleen that popped out of Matt Eddy's piglet during dissection in Biology class...or maybe that does count as getting felt up!?!?!?!"

Diana Peterfreund said...

Marianne, you little vixen! I wanna know, too!

My diary would have been much like Liz's.

Gena Showalter said...

Please let me you kissed me after that! Love it. I think my journal would read something like, "So I got in another fight today, stole a romance novel from my granny's house, and went to a haunted house with a group of friends and saw this really cute boy -- who offered me up to the ax man as a sacrifice." I ended up marrying the cute boy, though LOL

Marianne Mancusi said...

Okay I've hooked you guys, huh? :) Remember though - I had years of boring journal entries to choose from - and found the juiciest saga. It's not like I was some girl gone wild... **grin**

But okay, you asked for it. More tomorrow AM... Stay tuned!!!

Amy said...

Oh yeah, gotta know more! :)

SavvyChick said...

I must know if the forward Brian makes headway and scores another kiss from the infatuated Marianne......