Friday, May 27, 2005

Adventures in Teen Drama Part 2

You know it's funny - many times in my high school journals I say things like "If this is published someday" etc. I think I had a bit of Anne Frank envy going on. (Of course without the whole messy 'hide from the Nazi' bit.)

This is good actually - since nothing big is going on in present day life. :) So here we go. Day 2. Just to give you a little background - Brian was an older skateboarder from the wrong side of town and my mom had forbade me to hang out with him. Not that I was going to listen. The other thing that makes this all so scandalous is Brian technically has a girlfriend... (What a bad girl our little Marianne is, huh?)

July 22nd, 11:35 am

My mom found my journal and read the last entry. She also found out I lied to her. I am in BIG trouble. She forbade me to ever see Brian. I really feel stupid for writing everything in this journal, but I guess I will continue and just hide it from now on.

Yesterday I hungout at Brian's all day. We went fishing for fish for his turtle. It was fun. Then later Mark and John came over and the four of us were hanging out and then Kim and Ape caleld so eventually me, Kim, April, Chrissinda, Shiela, Mark, John, Brian and I were to the beach. It was fun til Brian found that girl that wanted to sleep with him the other time we went and left us to hang out with her. I was depressed, but it was my fault cause on the way up, he was like, "Do you like me?" and all this stuff and I was all shy. But the way home he was drunk and obnoxious and I was mad at him. A drink of water spilled on me when Ape stoped short and Brian thought it was funny, so I poured the water over his head. He was furious!! He called me a bitch. I have to apologize to him today. When I got home, I was in trouble. Oh well, I gotta go.


Hmm. That doesn't quite get us up to the next kissing scene does it? Oh well, guess that means you'll have to return tomorrow... **evil grin**



TJBrown said...

I am slo loving the glimpses into your past... my book, Pour Some Sugar on Me (Yes, from Def Leppord) and it flashes back to the eighties a lot! (Every other chapter actually) I had to revisit my past quite a bit to write it. I actually listened to eighties music while working on it:)It is amazing what we writers will do to get in the mood!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Wow, Marianne. I can't wait to read what happened with Brian tomorrow. It makes me wish that I had kept the journals that I wrote in high school, instead of chucking them. You had a lot more fun in high school than I did!

Anonymous said...

And the plot thickens }:)

Liz Maverick said...


Liz's version: "Put on new Converse high-tops and long skirt and pretended I was Ally Sheedy. Unfortunately, I'm not Ally Sheedy. Went home and practiced putting eyeliner on the inside edges of eyes. Match used to burn end of eyeliner to appropriate softness ignited toilet paper. Listened to The Cure alone in bedroom while dutifully completing math assignment. Am sure popular girls are out on beach kissing boys and perpetrating water bottle hijinks. Am now waiting for high school to end."

Pink Pen said...

That's awesome... I got busted at a lie when my sister read my journal, and yet I kept writing in it.... Why do our teenage selves always think that hiding them under the bed/in the closet will actually keep them hidden?? :)