Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gamer Girl

I've been a blogging slacker - I apologize! I actually did write a post yesterday, but it got eaten by blogger and I didn't feel like retyping. I promise to get back on the blog bandwagon asap.

In the meantime... MJ Rose does this cool thing on her blog where she posts author backstories. How they went about getting published or decided to write the book they did, etc. I did one for her and it was posted today if you want to take a look. Be sure to read the other authors' backstories as well. Very interesting reading!

I got copies of the Australian version of A CT Fashionista in King Arthur's Court yesterday. They're sooo cool. And in trade paperback size too! I love it! Of course they changed my tag line "Sex and the City...of Camelot" to "Desperate Housewives...of Camelot." Heh. I guess that's more timely...? Anyway - they sent me 6 copies and I really only need 1 or 2 - so I figure we should have a contest. So here's my question. You can find the answer in my excerpt. I'll draw a name from the correct entries tomorrow AM and send the winner a book.

QUESTION: What crest (color and animal) does Lancelot wear on his chest?

Remember: EMAIL ME with the answer - don't post it in the comments section. :)

It's pouring rain out AGAIN today. I freaking hate that. I can't even remember what the sun looks like! Seriously, the only thing to do in this weather is PLAY VIDEO GAMES! Woot! Which I have been doing way too much of and staying up far too late for. But it's fun. So that you can share in my geekiness, I am posting a screenshot I took below from the game I play. It's my gaming friend and I hanging out, watching the sunset. (I'm the girl, obviously.)You can click on it for a larger version...

Okay, you're scared now, huh? :) Well I can justify all this by telling you that I'm doing it as research for my new Smooch YA book that I'm working on - The Camelot Code. The main characters in the book - Sophie and Stuart - are online gamers. So I'm doing my homework. Really. Sacrifices must be made for authentic sounding books. :-P

Okay must go -


Y Not said...

That guy is SO hot! I love the beard! So...his name is Stu?

And is the color and crest on Lance's tabard a big yellow pig? Or a big pink polearm?

Marianne Mancusi said...

Hmm.. the beard's a little too Grizzly Adams for me, tell you the truth... ;-) But Yzander's got a soft heart under all that facial hair...Well, when he's not drunk that is...

Oh and you are sooo wrong with your guesses...but I bet you know that... :-P

Anonymous said...

Research IS essential hehehehe }:)

TJBrown said...

okay, I am working on a YA too, and I am having a bit of trouble with how much cuss words can I get away with... for instance, I seventten years old girl competing on the ice would think she wants to kick her enemy's ass, not butt...but I am not sure what I can get away with... Can I use bitch?

I thought maybe you might have thought of this already and had some ideas:)