Friday, May 20, 2005


I love yesterday's comments on first celebrity crushes! Some great ones in there. And I'm happy that I'm not completely alone with my Luke Skywalker obsession, though it does appear that Han Solo still has more groupies. Ah well. Less competition for Luke, I suppose. BTW, I also used to pretend I was Princess Leia, until that awkward moment when I learned she and Luke were twins. Um...

Still virtually touring with the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. Today I'm scheduled to appear on Melanie Lynn Hauser's (Confessions of a Super Mom) Refrigerator Door blog. Andi Buchanan's Mother Shock blog, Ann Marie Michaels (Cooking to Hook Up) blog, and Kathleen O'Reilly's (The Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul) Diary of a Mad Romance Writer blog.

Also, I realize I forgot to mention yesterday I guest blogged on E. Lockhart's (The Boyfriend List) blog. I did a "Boyfriend List" of my own for her... including all my little grade school to high school boyfriends. How fun is that? I love exposing all my childhood secrets on the Internet. hah. Check it out if you have a chance.

I'm soo happy it's Friday!! AND it's not supposed to rain this weekend - knock on wood! It's rained the past four weekends in Massachusetts. BLEH. I can not WAIT for summer. I used to live in San Diego and it was sunny and nice every single day. I want that back!!

Okay, you guys seem to like my questions of the day (and I love reading your answers!) ... so here's another...

What is your favorite romantic movie and why?

It doesn't have to be a classic. For example, I'm going with Reality Bites, a love story for Gen X, starring (yum!) Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder and Ben Stiller.

The unrequitted love (til the end) of Ethan and Winona. The akwardness and torment after they sleep together and he runs away. Her having to choose between the well meaning corporate dork who can make all her dreams come true (while inadvertantly cheapening them in the process) and the dark, tortured poet who can't make a commitment to save himself even though he loves her with every fiber in his being.

What can I say? It's not Casablanca, but it's something I, as a Gen X'er, really realated to. I've watched the movie more than a dozen times and still cry during the section where he calls her from the hospital and hangs up before saying anything.

Okay, what's yours? It can be anything - from Gone with the Wind to Pyromaniacs: A Love Story. Everyone's different and what speaks to you may not speak to anyone else and you know what? That's okay!



Diana Peterfreund said...

The Terminator. I'm a sucker for any James Cameron-style love story in the first place (come on, the Abyss? Where Ed Harris is slapping the face of his drowned ex wife and telling her to "Wake up, bitch!" -- ah, that's love!), but this one just gets me right in the gut every time. And I think it's because it does so well at sneaking up on you. When they are in that hotel room, and Sarah asks Kyle "Are there any... women... in your time?" and then touches him on his shoulder, and he just *shudders*.... oh wow. And then you flash back to his future, where he's looking at that picture of Sarah, and all of a sudden, the whole freaking plot of the movie comes together for you. This isn't an action-horro film! It's a romance! And for Kyle, I think, too. He all of a sudden knows why John sent *him* back. He's loved her his whole life, and he's going to save her life, and he knows exactly what's going to happen when he does. Oh god, the tragedy! the emotion! the sex!

And then, at the end, when that kid takes the picture? There's not a person watching that movie that doesn't immediately flash back to "I always wondered what you were thinking of at that moment."


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...too many to pick just one. Although I agree with Diana about the first terminator for those very reasons. Somewhat recent faves have been Ever After and Kate & Leopold but I REALLY love the relationship between Ric and Evie in the two Mummy movies.

Keris said...

Got to be When Harry Met Sally. Can't count how many times I've watched it.

It's perfect apart from the awful, "Because I hate you. I really hate you, Harry" line at the end.

Darla said...

Oh this is easy! I have loved this movie a long, long time! Somewhere In Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymore! It's romantic, sappy, victorian era, and about unending love. Who can resist that!
Close second:
The Notebook - same reasons, except it's not victorian.

Anonymous said...

French Kiss. Kevin Kline is delightful - be it gay, French or surrounded by ex-Pythons.

~Cherie Priest

TJBrown said...

My Best friends wedding because I love the Julia Robert's character and Much Ado About Nothing because it is gorgeous.

Marianne Mancusi said...

You guys all had great, original answers! Love that. It's so fascinating to me to see what really "gets" people - and how different we all are. A movie that may do nothing for me can be lifechanging for someone else. And vice versa. And it's true in books, as well.

This question of the day thing is so much fun!! I've got to come up with another good one. :-)


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Love Actually is one of my favorite love stories, because it's about the power of love. Liam Neeson helping his stepson win the love of his secret crush. Andrew Lincoln finally expressing his love to his friend's wife and then moving on. Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman as a married couple dealing with the husband's feelings for his secretary. Plus any movie that has both Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in it has got to be on the list.