Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday I went to a funeral for one of Jacob's coworker/friends who got hit by a drunk/drugged driver when riding on his motorcycle. He was only 39 - so tragic and sad! The funeral was at a Greek Orthodox Church so the ceremony was not in English, but it was still so sad. I felt so bad for the family and his friends. Thirty-nine is way too young to die.

Friday evening Jacob and I went over Morgan and Nick's for dinner/wine with Leanna and Elizabeth. Was fun to see everyone. Then on Saturday night we went to see X-Files. I didn't like it as much as I wanted to. It wasn't mysterious enough and it just seemed like a long drawn out episode. It was good to see Mulder and Scully again, but it just wasn't enough to justify the $13 ticket.

On Sunday, as I mentioned before, we played tennis, which was fun.

Now back to work. Hopefully this week will be better than last -- which had to be the worst week for me this entire year for reasons I can't go into on a blog. Suffice to say many tears were shed. Luckily I have an amazing support system of friends to stand by me and encourage me, even when I feel the lowest of low. I haven't always had that and I greatly appreciate the fact that now I do. Makes me feel like I can get through any personal disapointments that might come my way.

Anyway, I'm optimistic that this week has got to be better, right? :) Gotta soldier on and keep reaching for the stars no matter what!


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