Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday night Jacob and I met up with Chris and Jenny at Dinosaur Barbeque – a famous Harlem landmark. The place was packed and the wait was an hour and a half, but it was completely worth it. So delicious. I think this is my favorite bbq in NYC to date. I definitely want to go back and bring Liz. (Though not on a Friday – at least without a reservation, which you have to make like two weeks in advance.)

On Saturday, Jacob and I took a walk over to the UES and bought me a tennis racquet at a sporting goods store. Then later that afternoon we went to see Batman. It was pretty awesome, though not perfect. Heath Ledger was definitely the star and Christian Bale was good as always. The plotline was kind of convoluted though and I found myself having a hard time following it—which shouldn’t happen in a comic book movie! I also didn’t like that Gotham looked just like present day NYC or Toronto. In the previous Christian Bale Batman movie, the city looked dark and mysterious and had that monorail (or whatever) line that made it look very different. They didn’t do a lot of city set dressing this time around, which was disappointing. Anyway, just being picky. It was a fun movie. I won’t say anymore cause I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Sunday we were woken up early by a triathalon running down my street. Actually the runners were quiet – it was the constant cheering and cow bell ringing that annoyed the heck out of me. We met Leanna for brunch at Arte Café and then headed over to the MET to check out the Superhero costume fashion exhibit. It was pretty cool, but I wish they had more real costumes – especially old school ones – and fewer fashion interpretations. (Or at least a wider variety of designers participating.) Worth checking out though.

We then headed back to the West Side and got supplies for a picnic. Grabbed Molly and a blanket and went back into the park. We ate chicken sandwiches and played Frisbee until it started to get dark. Then we headed home.

All in all – a fun weekend and I feel we packed a good amount in. Now time for the beginning of another work week – fun, fun.


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