Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Two (or one?) degree from Kevin Bacon

Tonight I interviewed Kyra Sedgwick (aka Mrs. Kevin Bacon) who was doing a screening and q&a for a group of moms of her hit show The Closer. I remember first seeing Kyra back in the day when she was one of the characters in the grunge hit Singles. Now, of course, 16 years later, she's all grown up.

She looks amazing. Tall, thin (but not grossly so), with a flawless face. (I can't believe she's 43!) Prettier in real life and a good interview. She looks you right in the eye (Not all stars will do this!) and answered all my questions very candidly. She has two teens and so I asked her about being a mom along with questions about her movie.

Some interesting things of note:

* She is still, after 20 years of marriage, completely in love (and in lust!) with husband Kevin Bacon.

* According to her, the secret of a good marriage is not being naive enough to think there is a secret.

* She loves Brooklyn and told Kevin she wanted to move there (from Manhattan where they currently live.) He said, hell no.

* She used to be a compulsive exerciser, giving into Hollywood pressures to stay thin and beautiful. Now she's come to accept her body. She still gets mad when celeb magazines show stars who have lost the baby weight in, like, three weeks.

* She loves junk food in real life - just like her character on The Closer.

* She says the "F" word a lot. :)

So there you have it. Only one question remains: am I two degrees or one dress from Kevin Bacon now? Is the degree by the link? (aka I interviewed Kyra who is married to Kevin) or is Kyra herself the link, meaning I'm one degree from Kevin? I've gotten mixed responses on this. Anyone know for sure?


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