Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jane Green

Jane Green and me, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

Today I got a chance to interview one of the very first chick lit writers, Jane Green, at her lovely home in Westport, CT. She was fascinating to talk to and I really loved hearing what it was like for chick lit authors in the early days. Of course now both she and her writing have grown up and she's no longer writing that "single girl in the city" type tale. (In fact, she's a mother of four children--including a set of twins!)

I just finished reading her latest novel, "The Beach House" which was a delightful women's fiction novel -- a real feel good story with characters I quickly fell in love with. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great -- well, beach read! I'll post my interview here in a few weeks after it airs on Better TV.

I gave her a copy of News Blues and she said she was excited to read it. Not sure if she really will or not - I'm sure she's crazy busy! - but it was very sweet of her to be so enthusiastic about my work. Made me feel really good. Don't you just love people like that? Those who are equally supportive of others' efforts, even if they pale in comparison with their own successes. She was humble and generous and just an all around lovely person. I was truly impressed.


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