Sunday, July 06, 2008

Texas Adventure Day 2 Recap: The Beach House

Texas adventure continues...

The next morning Jacob, Josh, Christina, the baby and I got breakfast tacos at Taco Deli. Something you definitely don’t get in New York! I got a bacon, egg and cheese one in a flour taco and some delicious strawberry/orange fresh squeezed juice. We sat outside to eat, which was really pleasant.

Texas 045

After breakfast we headed out of Austin and toward the town of Kingsland, Texas where Jacob’s family has a lake house.The trip took about an hour and we got to stop at Dairy Queen. I love Dairy Queen and never am able to get it in New York so that was quite a treat.

Soon afterwards, we arrived at the house. They've dubbed it "The Beach House" as their last name is "Beach." :)

Texas 075

I love the layout of the place. It's done in a southwestern/Mexican kind of style. The bottom floor is all open – sort of giving it an indoor/outdoor feel. I felt like we'd just arrived at some luxurious bed and breakfast.

Texas 004

Texas 047

Texas 048

Texas 062

Texas 007

It’s set on four and a half acres and has lake access where they keep the boat.

Texas 072

Texas 071

Texas 070

Up at the house they just installed a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The pool will eventually be a salt water pool, which is better for the environment, but they hadn’t added the saline yet.

Texas 003

Texas 005

We dropped off our stuff in Jacob’s room and headed to the kitchen to help his mom prepare our 4th of July meal. He and I made pico de gallo while his sister Valerie made the guacamole and her boyfriend fired up the grill. Valerie had bought her dad this special machine called The Margarator – which basically is a giant margarita maker. So we changed into our bathing suits and Jacob worked the machine’s magic, whipping up some strawberry margaritas.

Texas 052

Texas 009

Then it was time for a swim!!

Texas 025

Texas 012

Jacob and I were feeling very relaxed and very far from New York!

Texas 053

Texas 021

Meanwhile, Jacob’s dad cooked us some delicious barbeque on a grill called a “smoker”. I don’t exactly understand the details, but it was some really fine barbeque! Ribs, steak tacos, sausages – yum, yum, yum! I was too busy eating to remember to take a picture of the food, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Texas 014

After dinner, we lazed around, playing games and poker and then going outside to watch the fireworks from across the lake. All in all, it was a perfect day and felt a little bit like paradise. I was sad to leave the next morning and start the drive to Dallas. But we had things to do, people to see!

Stay tuned for day three – coming soon!


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