Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dorchester "Live the Romance" Photography Contest

Liz and I agreed to be spokespeople for the first ever Dorchester Publishing "Live the Romance" photography competition. The idea is simple: Dress up at your favorite Dorchester character, take a photo, and win cash and books!

We did a little video explaining the rules, embedded below. And you can check out the official contest page here. In the video you can catch a brief glimpse of my Gothic Lolita outfit that I bought in Harajuku. I actually had Liz take a still pic as well, so I'll post that soon.

Live the Romance from Marianne Mancusi on Vimeo.

As a little side benefit: of you're planning to dress up as one of MY characters and enter the contest PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'll give everyone who does a free autographed book if they send me their photo! :)


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