Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My latest Better TV segments & RT News

Here are the latest Better TV semgents I produced. As always my disclaimer, go to for the high quality versions. :)

First up - martini pairing. We're used to pairing wine with food, but what if you're in the mood for martinis instead? Pay special attention as you watch this to the glasses the martinis are poured into. They're created by a woman named Lolita (she's the blonde in the segment) and are hand painted in a huge variety of designs. On the bottom of each glass is a recipe for a particular martini. She also does margarita glasses. I have two of those - strawberry and lime - and they always get a great reaction from people when I pull them out to use. You can check out all the different designs here.

Keeping with the drinking theme, next up we have a segment I produced with Dannielle Kyrillos. This one talks about the hot "speakeasy" trend in Manhattan drinking establishments. From old time decor to drinks that are recreated from recipes over 100 years old - these places take you back to the 1920s and 30s...when drinking was actually illegal.

Of course these types of places are recreations. My former favorite NYC place - Chumley's - was an actual speakeasy from the 1920s. It had a real secret entrance and used to be the hang-out of writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemmingway. Sadly, the building got condemned and they had to shut down. :(

Clover Club, the piece featured in the above story, is in the Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn which, incidentally, is also the stomping grounds of Romantic Times Magazine. Which brings me to my next exciting news:

Rebels of Romance take RT Magazine!

Be sure to check out the September issue of Romantic Times Magazine this month to see our cover story! Yes, we made the cover! Well, technically it’s Lori Foster’s book on the cover, but we made the sidebar cover. Good nuff 4 me.

Anyway, the article is a travelogue Liz and I wrote based on our adventures in Japan. Photos, hijinx, hilarity. Well worth the $3.95 price tag or whatever it is they’re charging these days. Buy it, read it, write to RT and tell them it was zomgwtfawesomeness and they ‘totes need to have us become regular contributors to the mag. (You can paraphrase, of course.)

That's all for now! Happy Weds!

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Stevi said...

Ohh...I love the pretty! :) And the food looked great!

Next time we are in NYC I would love to hit a "Speakeasy" type of joint. :)

I liked Dannielle's hair in this one. :)