Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Central Park Day & Night

When people think of living in New York City, they think of hustling crowds, dirty streets, smelly subways. But this is also New York City...

Sheep Meadow, Central Park

Walking through Central Park this afternoon, I was thinking about how lucky I am to live half a block away from such a beautiful piece of nature, sandwiched inside the city. Eight hundred and forty three acres of grass, lakes, trees, and trails.

mar and liz 038

mar and liz 035

Tonight, because of the All Star Game, they let off fireworks in the park. I could see them from my apartment window and decide to lean out (just a bit!) and take a few pics!

fireworks 001

fireworks 004

fireworks 005

fireworks 008

fireworks 010

Beautiful, huh? You gotta hand it to New York. There's always SOMETHING going on here!!



sp!ke said...

Nice pictures!

When I was down there to visit you guys and we went for a walk in the park I was suprised by how big it was. I had only driven around it before or seen it in movies, but it's so big you can't even hear the city noise once you get into it.

It's funny though, maybe it was just the areas that we went through but it was still very New York City with the people and the construction and so forth, decidedly NOT like walking through the woods up here in CT...

Leanna said...

Amen to Central Park!!! You're so right about it being such a treasure! I'll have to join you for a run in it soon!

Wendy Toliver said...

Great pix!