Sunday, July 06, 2008

Texas Adventure Day 1 Recap

I was going to blog about my Texas trip while I was actually on it, but limited internet access and time made it impossible to do. But better late than never! So here goes.

DAY ONE – July 3rd

Jacob and I left out of LaGuardia airport Thursday morning. We’d gotten upgraded to first class so we had a very nice flight. I finished up the critique I was doing for my new critique partner and then worked on my proposal until my laptop ran out of batteries. I also started reading The Sandman graphic novel from Neil Gaimen. We switched planes in Dallas and took a super quick flight over to Austin. Once in Austin, we got a rental car and headed to Curra’s to meet with Jacob’s family for dinner. I met his mom, dad, sister, grandfather and uncle. got fajitas and they were so good. So good. In fact, I ate so much Mexican food on this trip it was ridiculous. You just don’t get this kind of stuff in New York and I had to take advantage! Then after dinner we headed to his friend Josh and Christina’s house where we’d be staying for the night.

We went out on West Sixth Street to a bar called Molotov Lounge.

Texas 041

Downstairs they had a local musician and everyone was sitting, watching him in armchairs and couches. It just seemed very stereotypical Austin so I had to take a picture.

Texas 040

We sat up on the roof deck. There were several other bars on the street with roof decks as well. It was a pleasant night to sit outside and very chill. Then later that night we went and got some yummy sushi.

Texas 030

Texas 036

Texas 037

As far as cities go, I thought Austin was pretty awesome. It had a nice laidback vibe, the people seemed cool and there was a lot to do. I could definitely see myself living there. I heard it’s pretty stereotypical for New Yorkers to move (or want to move) to Austin, but what are you going to do? When you’re used to no yards, tall buildings, and a hustle bustle lifestyle, this kind of quiet, but still culturally thriving small city is really appealing.

That's all for now -- stay tuned for lots more pics and day two - fourth of july! - coming soon. :)


sp!ke said...

I just met a girl from Austin, and from what she says it's the perfect place for people like us. I'd love to visit there someday - and hanging with locals like you were able to do is definitely the way to go!

Maybe in a few years if the pace of New York wears on you you'll end up there, who knows?

Liz Maverick said...

Is the couples color coordinating thing a Texas thing? How sweet! Heh.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Scott, you should definitely plan a visit to Austin. You would love it there. :) I really thought it was the perfect city from what I saw. I'd love to go back and check it out again when I had more time.

And /smack to Liz.