Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stake That! - In Japanese

I just got a letter from Berkley yesterday letting me know that rights to STAKE THAT! (Book 2 of my vampire series) have been purchased by the same Japanese publisher who recently released BOYS THAT BITE. Woot! That means more manga of Sunny and Rayne coming up!! Yay!

The German version of STAKE THAT! is coming out in September. No drawings in that version, but still very cool! I get a lot of email from German teens who've read the first one. Hopefully they'll like Rayne's story just as much! The German publisher has also acquired GIRLS THAT GROWL right as well. :)


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Kiki said...

Awesome! I loved the Japanese version of your book (I'm a dork that way, I love buying Japanese translations of books I like).