Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

Friday night Jacob met me at my place and we went running around Central Park. Then we grabbed the dog and headed to his place where we ordered spaghetti and meatballs and watched the Day of the Dead remake. (Not good. Mena Surveni has really gone down hill since American Beauty days!)

The next morning we boarded a bus to Jersey to check out Fangoria – a horror convention. It was fun, though pretty dead – I guess they usually have a better turnout. Problem was some of the biggest stars (such as James Marsters, aka Spike from Buffy) bailed at the last minute. Boo! But it was still neat seeing all the exhibits and we got to see some of the original actors from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. We attended a few panels – one showing upcoming horror movie previews and another on “scream”writing – being a horror screenwriter. This would have been more interesting if the guy talked less about himself and more about how it’s all done!



We headed back to NYC and got ready (dressing up in our Goth Victorian best) for Leanna’s birthday party that night. It was, as you probably determined from my photo essay yesterday, at Jekyll and Hyde’s. There was a great turn-out and I think Leanna had fun. Then we walked over to Pyramid Club and danced the night away to eighties music. All in all a fun night.

Sunday we slept in and laid low. Barbequed some chicken and corn on the cob and made chicken fajitas. Yum. Then we took a long walk to an Astoria park with Molly. Was nice and relaxing. We finished part 5 of Nightmare on Elm Street as well. Only two more and then we’re up to Freddy vs. Jason! Our 18 part slasher movie marathon is almost at an end!

Now it's Monday and another work week has begun. Should be pretty mellow though - a lot of people are on vacation. Nothing big planned this coming weekend either-which is just fine by me!


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