Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kyoto has a Starbucks!!!

Kyoto Starbucks!!!, originally uploaded by starrgirl77.

I can travel happy now.

Liz refused to partake, saying partaking in Japanese Starbucks will basically hasten the coming apocalypse.

In my opinion, if the road to the apocalypse is lined with Starbucks, bring it on.


PS: They had a McDonalds, too. And yes, I, the tacky American, skipped past all the raw fish and had myself a double cheeseburger and fries. Mmmmm. Seriously, McDonalds never tasted so good!

PPS: I've been amusing myself during the downtime imagining all the stuff I'm going to eat when I get home to NYC. Spaghettti and Meatballs, a beef burrito, steak, a thick juicy burger, a panini, pizza, a HUGE diet coke.. Ohhhhh I must stop now. God bless huge portions and delicious American food selection.

PPPS: I just read this entry to Liz. Her response? "You suck." :)

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