Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day Three: Kyoto Trek

Yesterday we took the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto. (Got to see Mount Fuji in the distance on the trip!)

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 002

Once in Kyoto, we went out sightseeing. First up, Kinkaku (The Golden Pavillion) from the 1220s, originally the home of Yoshimitsu, 3rd Shogun of Ashikaga. It was really beautiful and tranquil, surrounded by water and beautiful gardens. Here are a few pics:

Liz Japan 038

Liz Japan 042

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 017

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 018

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 012

Liz Japan 043

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 026

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 010

Then we took a bus over to Nijo Castle, former headquarters of a Shogun in the 600s. Unfortunately it was closed at 4pm. Boo! Mad cause that would have been really cool to see. (I read/loved the Shogun book.) Did get an exterior shot of it though.

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 029

Japan Day Three (Kyoto) 030

You can't tell from the pics, but it did have a moat!

Today we're off to have them dress us up like traditional geishas! Shoud be some interesting pics of that!! :)


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