Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New segments from the day job

A few new segments just posted that I produced for Better TV. The first we've dubbed "singing life coach" which is about a woman who uses music to detox the badness from people's lives and fill them with positive energy instead. It might be a little new age'ish for some of you, but it's still interesting. And the music's pretty.

The second is "Alcohol Free Cocktails" with the Liquid Muse. I'm annoyed at this segment cause it was cut while I was away in Japan and they totally chopped out the middle for timing sake. There's supposed to be three drinks in there. So if it seems like a rough transition between drink one and two, that's why. Still a cool concept though - and who wouldn't want a drink rimmed with pop rocks for 4th of July?!

Lastly, for those of you who enjoy antiquing, here's a story on the top 10 collectibles of the year, according to Country Life magazine.

I'm still waiting for my Broadway play Grease behind the scenes segment to be posted! Really happy with that one...

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