Sunday, June 08, 2008

Harajuku Girls (and boys) and other fun Japanese Adventures

I gotta keep this somewhat short cause I'm sitting on the floor at one of those low tables at the Ryoken and my legs have fallen asleep.

Today was our first real day to walk around Japan. We headed to Harajuku, where some of you may know is the place where all the crazy cosplaying teenagers hang out. We got some great photos of them! Their costumes are so amazing!

Japan Day One 057

Japan Day One 056

Japan Day One 024

Japan Day One 019

Japan Day One 053

The shops in the area were cool, too. Lots of wannabe American stuff and bad hip hop played throughout. The English words on the clothes made absolutely no sense. Really funny.

We had some kind of Ramen for lunch that was delicious - salty goodness. I was a little hesitant to try it at first, but it turned out well.

Then we went to some gardens which were really beautiful and serene. Totally different than the hustle and bustle of the city.

Japan Day One 029

Japan Day One 032

There was also a shrine, which was cool. Even a Japanese wedding going on!

Japan Day One 035

Japan Day One 040

My thoughts of Japan so far: it is the land of cute. Everything here is so cutesy. Second, it's not hard to get around, as people seem to think. The subway system is really easy and in English, too. Also everyone's been easy to communicate with, even if they don't speak English (and a lot of them know some!) Lastly, the aesthetic is somewhat like NYC - so it's not that much of an adjustment since I'm used to a big city.

That's all for now! For all my pics so far you can go here.


Stevi said...

Hiya lady! Say "Hi" to Liz for me. :)

I am enjoying your blog and hearing about Japan. I have never been there, so reading about your trip and seeing the photos is a treat for me. The people seem colorful, and "cute" as you had described. I love the footwear on some of those kids! LOL! ;) The koi in that pond in the garden are HUGE!

I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing photos.


Leanna said...

Wow I want to cosplay...