Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm going to (Tokyo) Disney Land!

Yesterday we headed east of the city to Tokyo Disneyland. Now those of you who know me well know I'm a totally Disneyaholic, so I was pretty excited to see what this park was like. After all, I've probably been to Disney World in Florida at least 200 times. (Having lived in Orlando for a stint.)

We decided to try the Disney Sea park instead of the traditional Magic Kingdom. As its name implies, it's aquatic themed, which was pretty cool. It was a small park, but beautifully and creatively designed. I was impressed. Definitely lived up to Disney standards.

Tokyo Disney

Of course it was a little hard to go on the rides and not know what the storylines were (as they were in Japanese.) Especially with the Tower of Terror, which is one of my all time favorite lines. It was obvious that they had a different storyline than the Orlando one, but I couldn't tell you what it was. The drops, however, were equally terrifying.

Tokyo Disney

One of the coolest rides was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was loosely based on one of the original Disney Land rides, but this version you're in your own sub instead of a group sub and the under water thing is a (very effective) illusion. It actually made me feel kind of nervous it was so realistic and I didn't realize til the end that we weren't actually under water. I wish also I could understand the narration here as well.

Tokyo Disney

They had a section of the park modeled after old New York, which was amusing. I got a hot dog at the hot dog vendor.

Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney NYC Hot Dog Stand

Also, a Cape Cod area. Home sweet home!

Tokyo Disney

And they had Ariel’s castle, which was very cool.

Ariel's Castle at Tokyo Disney

And, to my happiness, I ran into my favorite Disney character - Pluto! Yay!

Marianne with Pluto

For the complete set of Disney pics, you can click here. :)


The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Hey, M and L,

Heard about the terrible earthquake there and have been worried about you two! Post when you have a chance, so we know you're okay.


Shannon McKelden said...

Heard about the earthquake! Hope you guys are all right! Your pics have been wonderful to read.

Francesca said...

Oh wow!
I've always wanted to go to Tokyo Disney! I've only been to Disneyworld Orlando twice, I'd love to go more, but Tokyo would be more of an adventure :]

The New York part made me laugh!

Thanks for such a cool description. :D If I'm lucky enough to get a chance to go, I'll definately check out the rides you mentioned!