Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Back from my trip. Kind of a whirlwind, but definitely fun! On Friday, Jacob and I drove to Philadelphia to go see Nine Inch Nails in concert. We stayed at my cousin’s townhouse (she and her girlfriend were away) which was really cute and in a fun neighborhood in South Philly. It kind of reminded me of Williamsburg, Brooklyn here in NYC with lots of fun pubs/restaurants and young people. We walked around and ate dinner and then headed to the concert. Trent was great – he still really has it – and the light show was very cool. I don’t know a lot of NIN’s new stuff, but Pretty Hate Machine, his debut album, was like an anthem for me in high school.

The next morning we awoke BRIGHT AND EARLY (aka 5am – bleh!) to head to the airport. Problem was, we forgot to pay attention to exactly where we parked after the concert (as we had both been on our respective cell phones – duh!) and so we had to wander the streets of pre-dawn Philly sleepily searching for the car. NOT fun. We finally found it, but at one point I was really afraid we’d miss our plane. We got there on time, however, and flew down to Atlanta to DragonCon.

DragonCon was certainly an experience! I’ve never seen anything like it. Forty-thousand people – mostly dressed in outrageous and creative costumes – wandering around a nest of hotels in Atlanta. There were tracks and panels for everything – from Joss Whedon to Star Trek. From gaming to gothing. We were so overwhelmed by it all, we didn’t go to as many panels as I would have liked, but it was still really cool. I did attend one with James Marsters (aka Spike from Buffy!) and the guy who played Lex Luther from Smallville. They were really funny together.

DragonCon 045

I also attended a panel on steampunk – which was REALLY popular this year at the con – and learned how to make steampunk costumes. Pretty cool. I was inspired. This girl below is my favorite. She talked about how she made each part of her costume. She's pretty hardcore. Oh and the hair of hers? It's real!

At night we went to various parties and gawked at all the costumes. They were really amazing. And yes, I costumed, too, though I was practically invisible with my amateur dress-up compared to everyone else. Next year if I go, I need to step it up about ten notches. I made my best effor though, as you can see below:

Day #1
DragonCon 010

DragonCon 033

Day #2

DragonCon 114

We didn’t really meet any celebrities. Jacob really wanted to meet Adam West (the original 60s tv show Batman), but he didn’t show up to his panel. So lame! And we had just left a group of our friends to get dinner when who should show up but the cast of Firefly! I would have loved to have chatted with Nathan Fillion.

In all, it was fun, though overwhelming. I wished we had registered early – to get a hotel room on site of the convention. Ours was over a mile away which made it difficult to rest in between activities. Next year I’ll be booking that hotel as soon as they open it up.

I took a gazillion pics – both of me and my friends costuming and some of the random cool costumes I found. I’ve included a some below.

DragonCon 002
Shomi flyers!

DragonCon 029

DragonCon 037

DragonCon 050
Me and my new friend Cherie!

DragonCon 051
Me and my new friend R2D2!

DragonCon 049
Chris came costumeless, so Cherie had to improvise.

DragonCon 084
World of Warcraft Quest Giver

DragonCon 085
Of course no con would be complete without a Klingon. We even attended a Klingon beauty pageant!

DragonCon 119
Make like a tree and...oh, never mind.

DragonCon 116
A stormtrooper with some girth.

DragonCon 117
Hurley from Lost!!

DragonCon 123
I really wondered how some people got all this armor and weapons on the airplane...

DragonCon 125
These two had the awesome wings I featured on this blog a few weeks ago! They were even cooler in real life - and had mechanical controls with which to expand.

DragonCon 130
Not all costumes were fantasy related. Here's Sgt. Pepper!

DragonCon 134
Blues Brothers flanking Darth Vadar.

DragonCon 136
Michael Jackson Thriller.

DragonCon 138
Zombie Dorothy

DragonCon 075
Me distracting Jacob while he tries to look at the menu. He looks very vampirish here.

DragonCon 044
Attacked by zombies? Or just passed out from too much to drink?

DragonCon 140
Cherie as a demented Cinderella whose mice attacked her dress after she didn't pay her tailoring bill. (She's so creative!)

DragonCon 143
Cookie Monster! (He was giving out fortune cookies.)

DragonCon 146
This was maybe the coolest costume of the night!


Stevi said...

What a super review! Great photos! I wish we could've made it, it looks like it was lots of fun. Maybe next year...

Marianne Mancusi said...

Stevi, you would have LOVED it there. So much fun and totally something you'd appreciate. Also, I think you guys should go there to set up a booth and sell shoes and boots! They had a severe shortage of really cool shoes in the exhibition halls. I bet you would have done really well!

Ciara said...

Wow, what awesome costumes!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I'd love to go to something like that. Perhaps next year...

Anonymous said...

I'm so freakin' jealous... Damn I should have gone to DragonCon! Next year.

I love the pictures...


jediteddy said...

Girl! Dragon Con was way too much fun this year. I'm so glad I got to meet you and Jacob (I call you Marcob now).


1. I can't believe cookie monster screwed me out of a fortune. :)

2. Chris having to sit next to the trekkie nerd was classic.

3. I met Adam West at the elevators. LOL. You guys have the worst timing for celebrity sightings.

Looking forward to next year and hoping I make it out to the big apple to see you all again soon.