Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sherrilyn Kenyon on Better TV!

Okay folks, this is a sneak preview! It actually airs on the BETTER television show tomorrow morning, but we got it up on YouTube now, so take a look! This is the feature I did on a writer I respect more than anything - Sherrilyn Kenyon. She is so amazing and not only talented, but sweet and lovely and caring as well. A lot of times you know authors are in it for the fame/money, etc. But she is in it for her fans and bends over backwards - doing crazy things like 14 hour signings - for them.

She also has an amazing rags to riches story. I could only touch on it here in the segment as I had just 3:15 to tell my story. But it is truly an incredible "never give up, never surrender" type tale. Definitely an inspiration for anyone who has a dream.

Anyway, I could gush on, but I know you'd rather just watch the segment, so here you go!


PS Pay special attention to a very important cameo appearance from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blogger extraordinaire Sarah!


Tajana said...

Wow I've never heard about this author. Seems like the books are really good. You really did an amazing job on sharing her life story with the world.

I will make sure to check out her books and as well as yours.

I'm new to your blog, by the way.
I stumbled upon it when I was checking PC Cast's blog and what other blog she has which you guys share. So just wanna say Hi and going to be on your blog from now on :].

PS. Your books seem like they might be something in my area of reading :].

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks Tajana and welcome to the blog! :) I love PC Cast!

And thanks for the compliment on the video. Sherrilyn is an amazing person and awesome writer - you should definitely check her out!!

Karen Mahoney said...

Marianne, this is a fantastic video. I can't believe how much you packed in! Sherrilyn is such an inspiration. Great job!

I'll link to this later when I do a round-up of stuff on my blog. :)

Christine said...

Fantastic segment, Marianne! Very well done. =)

Of course I have to completely agree with your words about Sherrilyn. Not only do I adore her work, but she is simply an amazingly kind, warm and inspirational woman.

Marianne Mancusi said...

Thanks Karen and Christine. And yes, please blog/forward/share as much as you like! The more video views, the easier it will be for me to get a green light from the bosses to produce more romance related segments!


Keira Soleore said...

Thank you, Marianne. She's so incredibly amazing. In 2007, I stood in line for an hour and a half, that's one hour past the end of the signing time, at National for a signed book for a friend. And in that time, my respect and adoration for all things Sherrie went from zero to infinite. WOW! I loved to see her talk again in your segment. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.