Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up (Part 1)

Hey all,

Busy weekend, but in a good way! Jacob's parents came in from Texas on Friday and we spent the weekend with them. On Friday, Jacob and I cooked catfish with a New England flair (baking it with Ritz crackers on top, much like New Englanders do with Cod or Haddock.) It came out delicious. Then we headed down to Times Square to check out Young Frankenstein on Broadway. It was pretty silly, but fun.

On Saturday, I joined Jacob and his dad for 5 1/2 miles of their 14 mile run. (!) I was exhausted after 5 1/2 so I don't know how they managed the rest. Lunch with Liz and then headed over to Tiffany's where Jacob was picking up the now-monogrammed cufflinks I got him as his MBA graduatioon gift. They looked awesome. The engraver did a good job. If you ever have anything engraved by Tiffany's I highly recommend HAND engraving over machine. It's more $ but looks sooo much better. It takes 2 weeks though so either plan ahead of give the gift without engraving and bring it back to the store afterwards like I did.

Here they are in all their shiny, engraved glory. :)

Liz's Bday 009

Saturday night we went to Butter, a nice restaurant in the East Village, for a delicious meal. I picked out the restaurants for the weekend so I was glad Jacob's parents liked them all. After dinner, Jacob and I heade to Liz's birthday party at Shalel, an underground Moroccan lounge on the Upper West Side. (Photos to come in part 2 - I need to upload them.) Liz had really cool makeup/false eyelashes on. More about the party later.

On Sunday we had brunch at the Arte Cafe and then headed to Soho to shop. Then back to Astoria for a rest before going out to dinner at Thor, an ecelectic restaurant in the very Rivington Hotel on the Lower East Side. I'd never eaten there before, but I greatly enjoyed my meal. And the architecture in the restaurant was most interesting.

So all in all, a good weekend, though tiring. I'm glad to have gotten to know Jacob's parents better as well. They're really fun and nice!!

This week is going to be busy too - gotta start packing for Saturday's move!

More later with pics from weekend!


Kristie said...

Hey Marianne:

I am coming to NYC this weekend and would love your suggestions for some places to go shopping at. I am 27 and love trendy clothes, but do not have a ton of money to spend. Any suggestions?

Marianne Mancusi said...

Sure. :)

For designer names for less: Century 21. It's down in the financial district (across from Ground Zero) and has great brand/desginer names for bargain prices. From high end stuff to more affordable. It can be a madhouse shopping experience, but you can score some great finds!

For trendy used clothes: Buffalo Exchange. A thrift/consignment store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A bit of a trek, but well worth it! Great, brand name clothes for cheap. Some used, some new. I got my awesome Betsy Johnson dress (probably retailing for $350 or more) for like $50.

For trendy/cheap/going out outfits: You can't go wrong with Forever 21 or H&M or Strawberry. All three have locations all over the city.

That's off the top of my head. I'll be thinking about more. :)