Monday, September 15, 2008

My Weekend in NH

From glamour to granite, I ended fashion week festivities and headed to New Hampshire with Jacob and Molly for a weekend with my dad and stepmom. We arrived late Friday afternoon and headed out to Longhorn's for dinner -- my favorite chain steakhouse. As much as I love fancy NYC cuisine, there's just something about a good old fashioned suburban chain - whether it be Longhorn's, TGIFridays, or the Olive Garden.

The next morning we woke up and headed to Mt. Chocorua, a scenic peak in the White Mountains of NH. It has a 3,500 foot elevation and great views from the top. We picked Chocorua cause it was a southern peak and the weather said the more northern peaks were going to be socked in by clouds.

Here's me - dressed a lot differently than during Fashion Week! :)

Hiking NH 007

The hike went above the treeline, where you started to see some views.

Hiking NH 008

Hiking NH 009

Here's my dad. He's a real expert at NH mountain climbing. He's climbed all the major peaks a couple times over.

Hiking NH 019

As a Texan, Jacob had never seen such rocky trails. That's NH for you!

Hiking NH 020

Molly is now 12 1/2 years old - that's like over 84 in dog years! But she climbed the mountain anyway - slow and steady! - and made it to our lunch spot. I think here she's missing her dog bed...

Hiking NH 021

After lunch we headed up to the true summit. We did it! Who says Manhattanites can't conquer mountains?

Hiking NH 027

Hiking NH 028

The views were awesome, but the clouds rolling in looked a bit ominous.

Hiking NH 029

Hiking NH 030

So we headed back down and went to dinner then drove home. All in all a great hike and a great day! The next morning Jacob and I packed up and headed back to NYC. Watched the Pats put the Jets back in their place. :) As the Boston Herald said, "No Brady, no problem!"

And that's basically my weekend!


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