Monday, September 22, 2008

Wknd Wrap-Up Part 2 - Liz's B-Day Party Pics

Okay, I got home from work and plugged my camera into the computer using the darn proprietary Sony plug and uploaded my party pics to Flickr. Were I to use another brand of camera, we could have seen the pictures much sooner as everyone has that standard USB cable lying around. But NO! Sony doesn't like to mix-and-match. I hate this about them and yet, this is the third camera I've bought of theirs. I can't help it. Darn thing takes good pics.

Anyways, I digress. And you really only came here for the pics, right?

First up, Jacob and I, outside my new neighborhood (Moving Sat!) ready to go out. Notice my adorable Kay Unger dress has two straps and I'm not wearing a black shrug. (More on that later.) Also notice the booties I was mentioning in my earlier blog, on feet. And lastly, notice for once I'm actually wearing a dress with a real waistline. This is something I'm going to attempt more often this fall, moving away from my beloved baby dolls. Cry!

Oh and I just realized I'm wearing a strappy dress while Jacob's wearing a winter coat. That's New England vs. Texas for you right there!

Liz's Bday 001

Now for the party pics!

Liz's Bday 010

Liz's Bday 017

Liz's Bday 058

Liz's Bday 056

Liz's Bday 012

Liz's Bday 011

Liz's Bday 030

The Rebels - in costume, of course! Leanna gave Liz the steampunk goggles and I gave her (and then stole back) the tiara.

Liz's Bday 023

Liz's Bday 025

I wasn't the only thief...

Liz's Bday 020

Liz got cupcakes from Buttercup because it was HER birthday and that's HER favorite. (But Magnolia is way better, just FYI...)

Liz's Bday 031

Later on, I decided to steal the goggles as well...Steampunk princess - now there's a costume idea!

Liz's Bday 035

And here's where I look like I am falling out of my dress! But it's not my fault! When I was trying to get out of the cab, I was still sitting on my dress and the spaghetti strap broke! Gah! Hence I had to wear the shrug all night. :(

Liz's Bday 043

As you can see, a fun night was had by all.

Liz's Bday 050

Now fun is over. Back to packing!


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