Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Had a pretty mellow weekend. Needed it after DragonCon and all that's to come this month! On Friday Jacob and I went running and then just watched some TV. Saturday we started packing me up for my upcoming move and then went down to the Lower East Side to watch the documentary "AMERICAN TEEN." It was a really good documentary - if not a little hard to watch. Some of the situations the teens were in were so painful cause you remembered similar things when you were in high school. I especially loved Hannah, who reminded me so much of myself! I'm routing for her to make it! I really think anyone who writes young adult fiction should go see this documentary. To remind you that real high school is so far removed from what we see on shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl.

After the documentary we ate steak at Ruth's Chris. Soooo delicious. I love that place! It may be a chain, but it's as delicious as any steakhouse in the city, in my opinion.

On Sunday Jacob and I did a five mile run. We were going to get me a new iPhone, but there were no tech appointments available at the Apple Store. The only time you can get appointments is like 3am. Bleh. So I made one for Tuesday instead. That afternoon we watched the Cowboys game. They totally killed the Browns (?) so Jacob was happy. We didn't watch the Pats but I heard Tom Brady got a knee injury and had to be taken out first quarter! I hope he's okay. Poor Tom!!!

Sunday night we played Trivial Pursuit - 80s edition. It was a CLOSE game, but Jacob eventually won. I could not get the SPORTS piece of the pie for anything. 80s Sports is so not my category.

This week is busy cause it's Fashion Week. But it'll be fun. On Friday we're heading to New Hampshire to see my dad and go hiking. Can't wait!

That's about all for now...


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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Hey, I saw the premier of American Teen at Film Society of Lincoln Center in July and thought it was awesome. The director talked about how she chose the school and the making of the film. The movie has a Facebook page. Also heard that Brady may be out all season.