Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Week Fun Part 1

It's that time of year again in New York. When all the celebs flock to tents in Bryant Park to watch the runway shows and see what they need to stock their closet with in the upcoming year. Yes, it's Fashion Week.

Today I'm going to be among them all, mixing with the rich and famous, producing a story for Better TV. The segment is called "A Socialite's Day at Fashion Week" and is basically how it sounds. We follow a socialite through her day - from hair and makeup and clothes to the shows and backstage to cocktail parties and clubs. The day starts at the hairdresser's and ends at a party at Marquee. Should be quite a day.

Last night Liz and I had a sneak preview of the madness that's sure to come by attending an invite-only fashion week party thrown by Target. It was pretty wacky and really popular.

Target Party

Set up like it was a Bodaga selling Target products. You walked around and mingled previewing Target's fall designer collections. (All the designers were on hand as well.) It was soo crowded though!

They served their drinks in paper coffee mugs. And their appetizers on top of cans...

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out who the celebs were. Sometimes when people walked in, you could just totally tell they were "someone" but we weren't sure who. Like this girl below with the redish hair...

But one celeb I definitely recognized. Michelle Trachenberg. AKA Buffy's sister and notorious Gossip Girl, Georgina. I had to get a photo with her.

When I texted Jacob to tell him, he texted back and asked if I told her she single-handedly ruined season five of Buffy... Heh. I loved her as Georgina so I'm more willing to forgive.

All in all it was an interesting event and we're glad we went. We ended the night dancing on tables with lampshades over on our heads...

Um, just kidding about that last part. I'm saving the lampshade thing for tonight at the Marquee party! :)



Mandy said...

red-head definitely looks like the star of CW's PRIVELIDGED.

TJ Brown said...

Have a heck of week!