Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yup, I'm fluffy and first person

Don't you hate when people inadvertantly insult you and they have no idea they're even doing it? I went out with a group of people last night and this girl was like:

Girl: "That's so cool about your book coming out."
Me: "Thanks."
Girl: "I'm going to buy it and I'll even read it."
Me: Um, okay. Cool. (thinks: EVEN read it?)
Girl: "I mean I don't NORMALLY read those kinds of books - well, that's not true. I do like SOME fluff, I guess...
Me: Um...

And honestly, I know she was trying to be supportive and nice, while at the same time informing me of her normal, much more intellectual taste in literature. So should I be grateful that she's going to do me the favor of lowering herself to my level to read my book? Hmm...

Please people hear me now! If you dont't want to read CT Fashionista, you don't have to. Honestly, I don't mind. I won't be insulted. I know it's not for everyone. For example, my first Amazon reviewer. She was so mad that it was written in first person, so she gave me one star, even though she said the writing is excellent. Um... I understand that some people don't like first person, but did you have to destroy my Amazon rating due to your personal preference of POV?


Onto more fun positive stuff:

Found this cool site that tracks blogs called Technorati. You can type in something and it will list all the blog mentions in the last few months. Pretty cool.

Author Gena Showalter writes in her blog that she's been "itching to get her greedy hands on" CT Fashionista and that she's "so excited about it." Awh, thanks Gena!! I can't wait to read your first Alien Huntress series book "Awaken Me Darkly." It looks so good!! :-)

And finally, my agent read "Boys that Bite"... and says it's "submit-ready." Yay!! Hopefully Cindy and Susan at Berkley will love it too!!

Happy Sunday!


efoodie said...


What is WITH people? To say something so idiotic.....and she probably had no clue as to how she sounded.


Marley Gibson said...

As your YA heroines would say..."GAH" to that person. 'Nuff said. = )

Larissa said...

Argh! Those backhanded compliments suck!

When I got a revision letter for my M&B Temptation, a friend said that I was taking it well for having got "basically, a rejection."

That's nice.

Anyway, you're taking it well, for...well, someone being so snotty! *g*

Gena Showalter said...

I wish I could say people get better...Yeah, I do wish I could say that LOL.

You sweet thing! Thank you so much wanting Awaken Me Darkly.