Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Meh" Blogs

My friend Diana writes:

I begin to wonder if I'm supposed to be using my blog for thoughtful, erudite posts about the art of storytelling or the endless pursuit of craft or something that marks me as a *real* writer, rather than silly internet quizzes, snapshots of my flowers, or pointless regurgitations of my GH scores.

Then she contemplates giving up blogging altogether because of it.

Now, as a rule, I hate blogging about blogging, but I had to address this one. As a blog reader, I very much enjoy rambling posts about nothing. I like to find out what went on in that author's life that day. How she's feeling, what she did, her doubts, hopes and fears. What she's looking forward to, what she dreads. In fact, I'm not such a big fan of the essay blogs--if I get in the mood to read them though, there's plenty of sites that post thought-provoking stuff every day the week. But truthfully, I often prefer reading off-the-cuff comments about whatever is on the blogger's mind at that moment. This, to me, is the real attraction to blog reading.

You're never going to find long, thought-out, witty prose on my blog. Like I said, there are plenty of other sites that offer that - so I know you won't to go starving for it. My blog only promises "rambling thoughts and other fun stuff." It's a place where anyone who'd like to can travel the road to publication with me. Witness my doubts, hopes, and fears -- unedited and imperfect and not in essay form. I'll take you on field trips to cool and disturbing stuff I found on the web. And once in a while we can even take quizes to find out "what kind of X" we are.

I'm not going to apologize if sometimes it's boring. Cause other times it's exciting. (Okay, maybe not exciting, but at least a bit juicy...) And Diana, I don't think you should either.


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Diana Peterfreund said...

You got it, chica...