Friday, April 15, 2005

Save Toby! & Other Stuff

I'm not even sure what I should put as witty commentary to this link. You just have to see it yourself... Is it sick? Funny? Creative? Cruelty to animals? A little of all? Will Toby actually meet his doom? Would you give money to save him? Is it wrong I kind of want a t-shirt?

Save Toby

Speaking of t-shirts..ThinkGeek has a lot of cool stuff. (If you are a geek gamer grrl like me..) I know, I know. I've scared you all off now.

BTW I'm experimenting by reactivating the comments section, at least for now. In case you're considering commenting, just FYI, I like comments and feedback -- but not mean rants that say "I am never going to read your blog again." Honestly, if you never want to read it again, I'm cool with that. Really. You can just click away - I don't need an official "goodbye" comment from you for closure.

Not much else is new. Very busy at work. Happy it's Friday. Going to see the Red Sox tonight at Fenway. Woot!

Mar :-)


Marianne Mancusi said...

Before any animal rights people post cause I said "it is funny" I want to go on record as saying if it's REAL I think it's sick. If it's a joke, then it's kind of sickly funny. Or something like that. I do not condone the killing and eating of pet bunny rabbits to exploit money off the Internet.

Whew! Good thing I reinstated the comments section...

Larissa said...

I'm NEVER going to read your blog again!

Okay, I just HAD to say that. *g*

Yay for comments! :) And I read somewhere that the Save Toby thing is a hoax, so we animal lovers can rest easy.

Now, I must go order a t-shirt...