Sunday, April 17, 2005

Party Like a Rock Star

When I was in college, I was a big time raver chick. In fact, I prided myself on finding venues to dance at 6 out of the 7 nights a week. (I never could get my Tuesday night fix!) From clubs to raves -- if it had a dj and a dance floor, I was there. I even worked to help promote certain club nights/rave parties and worked as coat check girl at The Loft, this after hours club in Copley. Because I did all these odd jobs, I met everyone and usually got in free everywhere - which was an added bonus since I was also a poor starving college student at the time. :-)

So why am I telling you all this? Well, it turns out one of my former raver buddies Camper English (Yes, that's his real name and he even used to wear a t-shirt to parties that said "I am a happy camper") has written a book called "Party Like a Rock Star, Even if You're as Poor as Dirt." How cool is that?

What does this book cover? Well for example, in chapter five you've got "Getting Trashed Without Spending Your Cash" and in chapter ten there's tips to "Save Your Money For Rehab: Dirty Discounts and Other Easy Ways to Save." And of course Chapter 2 has the secret info on getting into clubs for free.

Honestly, this is such a FAB concept!! Why wasn't this book out when I was a college kid? (Oh yeah, cause then Camper was in school too and still honing his techniques. )

Camper's book comes out in June. I haven't seen him in a million years (he lives in San Fran now where people still party after age 30, LOL) but I totally remember him as the sweetest, nicest blue haired guy you could ever meet and everyone in our little Boston scene loved him. So go buy his book! :-)

And if clubs aren't your thing, at least check out his "hate blog." Too funny!


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