Sunday, April 03, 2005

The conference Recap ... and Simon Le Bon!!

Friday night my friends and I went to see DURAN DURAN at the new BU arena. GAH! They put on an amazing 2 HOUR show. It rocked! Simon Le Bon has still got it -- which I find fascinating since I loved Duran Duran since the second grade, LOL. I felt like a little girl again. What a fantastic talent and so very drool worthy. I LOVE YOU SIMON!!

Okay, I'll stop with the obsessed teenage fan thing now. But seriously, if any of you get a chance to see them as they're touring, I highly recommend it. It's a fantastic show. I'm going to download every Duran song onto my iPod now...

Anyway, I also spent the weekend at the New England RWA conference. (only sneaking out to see Simon and the boys.) It was an excellent conference, as usual. On Friday I did an agent/editor pitch help session with Intrigue author Jesicca Andersen and then on Saturday I did my own segment called "Romancing the Media" which dealt with how to be your own publicist and deal with the media the right way. I think it went well - people said they learned stuff, so that's good! If you want proof, they audio taped the session and you can buy tapes on the NEC-RWA website.

I met a lot of great writers and the conference. Everyone was so nice. There was a sort of after-party on Saturday night where I sat and talked to Vicki Lewis Thompson, famed author of the "Nerd" series. She was sooo nice and interesting, as was her daughter Audrey who does her website and stuff. It's so great to meet authors you really like and then find out they're equally as great in person! I also got my tarot read by my conference roomie and Red Dress Ink Chick Lit author Cathy Yardley. (Buy her book Couch World - it's so great!) The cards have predicted good things for me, so we'll see... I have faith in Cathy's deck, actually, cause it predicted my Dorchester sale back at Nationals last July. I also talked with Harlequin editor Julie Barrett for a long time as well. Sounds like they've got a lot of great stuff planned for their Bombshell line.

My agent, Paige Wheeler, was there as well, but she was so busy I barely got a chance to talk to her. Which is fine cause I just saw her recently and we talk almost everyday either by email or phone anyhow. But it was nice to see her all the same.

Okay I could go on and on, but I should get some actual writing done. :-) It's a gorgeous spring day out and I want to go meet my friend Mary to take the dogs hiking later so I've got to get done.

I'll leave you with some Simon pics..

Gah! Makes me want to run out and buy some legwarmers!!


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