Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another Emmy Nom!!!!!!

Woot! I am so excited!

I know usually I talk about book related stuff in this blog, but today I have to tell you about my day job achievement. Last night they held the Emmy nomination party and I GOT NOMINATED!! Yay!!!

See the thing is, I've entered the Emmys two other times (last year and the year before) and both times I've won. So why am I especially excited about this third year in a row nomination? Well... the previous two years I was partnered with a very talented Investigative Reporter. And this reporter has been in the biz for a lot of years and has won like 23 Emmys already. (Impressive, huh?) So the Emmy win was sort of a team effort, you understand.

In 2003 I stopped working for this reporter and started producing my own stories. SO.. I am now a solo operation. Taking the project from conception to finished product. And this Emmy nod is on a piece I produced myself!!

Again, can we say WOOT?!?

Anyway - if you want to read a transcript of the story that got nominated, you can find it here. It's about kids buying and selling their Ritalin medications to get high.

The awards dinner is on May 7th. Wish me luck! (I'm going to need it!!!) But as they say (and in this case it's especially true!) it's an honor just to be nominated.

Hmm.. now I just have to figure out how to showcase my book as part of my acceptance speech. LOL.


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