Monday, April 04, 2005

GCC: The Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul

It's that time again! Another great book from the Girlfriend Cyber Circuit. Today's guest is Kathleen O'Reilly, author of "The Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul." Here's a blurb:

The Devil Made Her Do It

What would you sacrifice to be a size zero? For more than a few women, the promise of thin thighs in 30 seconds might just convince them to deal with the devil. Award-winning author Kathleen O'Reilly's The DIVA'S GUIDE TO SELLING HER SOUL (Apr., Downtown Press) is a story for every woman who knows that getting celebrity-style skinny involves a pact with Lucifer?or in this case, the silver-tongued Lucy. She's the trashiest gossip columnist in the city and she's working a pyramid scheme that's truly evil. The more clients our innocent" heroine V recruits for her "Life Enrichment Program," the more of V's decadent desires will come true. Unfortunately, V soon discovers there maybe something worth saving in her after all, which means when she made the deal with the devil she may have truly damned herself - unless she can figure a way out.

Sounds like a great premise, huh? Really got me thinking. So I asked Kathleen if she sold her soul in exchange for her heart's desires, what would be the first materialistic thing she wished for. Here's what she said:

"Oh, that's a toughie, because most of my wishes are not materialistic. A Size six bod, an extra four days in every day.... However, since you SPECIFIED materialistic, I'll bring out my greedy self. A maid service. That's what I want. They could come in once a week and....oh, let's make it EVERY DAY! Someone to make my beds, scrub the floors, go to the post office, make homemade French toast, and laundry! They must do perfect laundry!!!..... Actually, I suppose that's more "little elves" than "maid service," isn't it? Does a little elf service count as materialistic?"

That sounds pretty nice to me as well! And I know my husband would appreciate it -- seeing as housecleaning sort of goes to the wayside when I'm writing, which is almost always. A Hermes "Kelly Bag" wouldn't go amiss either. Or maybe a big plasma tv. Or an Alienware gaming computer. Ooh or a Jaguar Convertible in British Racing Green.

Hmm... I think I'm a little more materialistic than Kathleen.

In any case, check out "The Diva's Guide to Selling Your Soul" from Downtown Press. You can find an excerpt here.


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