Saturday, April 23, 2005


Thanks to those of you who said they headed to the bookstore to see if CT Fashionista was there. I haven't heard of any sightings yet, but I'm sure it'll be soon. I'm told it's actually a good thing for an author if the bookstores don't put the books out early because it negatively affects your chances for bestseller list. You want to have everyone buy the book in the same opening week to get the biggest impact on the lists. NOT that I think I'll be a bestseller, believe me. Just sayin.

I'm so glad it's Saturday. This week dragged. I think it's the book anticipation that's making my everyday life miserable. I imagine this is what a pregnant woman feels like a week before she's due. Excited, scared, uncomfortable, drained. The works.

The good thing is I'm not alone. Even bestselling authors like Katie MacAlister still agnst about their upcoming books. Actually, maybe that's actually a bad thing, as it means that many books down the line I'll still never get over the stressed out feeling. Of course, I think I'd feel better if my book was NUMBER 35 on Barnes and Noble's sales rank as Katie's is, rather than 51,285. Ah well. :-) Maybe someday...

Hey - this is cool. My friend Marley does a blog in the voice of a character of her novel Vanessa Virtue. And it was quoted in the Boston Globe online blog log. Neat, huh?

Oh and Alesia Holliday mentions CT Fashionista in her PWOPB (Procrastinating with other people's books) list on the Literary Chicks blog. BTW I'm going to be a guest literary chick on this blog in May.

Okay that's all for now. Happy Saturday everyone.



Amy said...

I don't know how it feels to await my book's arrival on the shelves, but I do know how the last week of pregnancy feels, and you pretty much hit it. :) Best of luck to you...I bet it will do great!

Marley Gibson said...

Thanks for the props on my (err, Vanessa's) Boston Globe online appearance. Now, if some wonderful editor will just purchase her so I can stress aong with ya! (giggle) Don't stress on the's gonna be GREAT!!!