Monday, April 11, 2005

Publisher's Weekly & Reviews

The Dorchester publicist told me today that CT Fashionista is scheduled to be reviewed by Publisher's Weekly in the April 25th issue. This fills me with both excitement and fear all at the same time. Excitement because PW is the bookseller Bible - the trade industry publication of who's who in the literary world. They don't review every book either, especially not every mass market book. So it's a complete honor to be chosen for review. That said, it's terrifying because if they absolutely slate me then everyone in the bookselling world will see it. GAH!

You know, as I've gone down the road of publication, I've found the whole review process kind of interesting. You send advanced copies to these people in hopes you will get a good review and thus gain good publicity. But what if you get a bad review? Does it actually hurt more than it helps? I will never forget the poor chick lit author who got 1 star in People Magazine. I mean when she found out People was reviewing her, she must have been filled with joy! Free publicity! In People Magazine of all places! Woot!! But then she gets 1 star. Must have been SUCH a bummer.

Then again, there's those that say any mention - negative or positive - is valuable to building name recognition. So there's that theory as well. Still, I imagine it would really hurt to read someone tear apart your book. There are some sites on the web that are known for their snarky, usually negative reviews and I'm sure CT Fashionista won't escape their notice. :-) And then of course there's Amazon, where anyone can slam you anonymously in front of everyone and you'll not be able to do a thing about it.

There's no real moral to my ramblings... I guess all we as authors can try to do is develop a thick skin and remember - it's NOT PERSONAL. Though that's easier said than done...

Anyhow, cross your fingers the fine folks over at PW love my little fashionista and enjoy her trip to Camelot.


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