Friday, April 08, 2005

New Crimson City cover!!

I know I've blogged before about how utterly cool I think Dorchester's Crimson City series is going to be. My author friend Liz Maverick is the brainchild behind it and she's such a brilliant, talented author. Plus, the concept is so cool. An action romance series with vampires, werewolves, and "mechs", all living together in futuristic Los Angeles. I can sooo not wait!! The books are being written by some excellent Dorchester authors.

Book 1 - Liz Maverick
Book 2 - Marjorie M. Liu
Book 3 - Patti O'Shea
Book 4 - Carolyn Jewel
Book 5 - (Still says TBA...I wish I didn't have so many books to write, or I'd beg to be #4!)
Book 6 - Liz Maverick

Anyway - the 3rd cover of the series is out now. This book will be written by the very talented Patti O'Shea. If you haven't read her 2176 book last year - The Power of Two - I high recommend you check it out.

Anyhow this is what the cover looks like. Soooo cool huh?

Okay, I'll stop gushing now. :-) I'll leave you with some Crimson City Links to check out:

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