Sunday, July 01, 2007

Coney Island


Coney Island was fun! We road the infamous Cyclone rollercoaster - which is celebrating its 80th birthday this year. It's more than a bit rickety -- my shoulder was sore after riding it. Still, it's one of those cool, historic things I'm glad to have done. We then walked around the beach and to the Russian community of Brighton Beach and ended up eating at a beachfront Russian restaurant called Tatiana, which was yummy. The Russians will actually order a bottle of vodka for the table like Americans would order wine. Of course Jenny and I stuck with a couple glasses of wine tyvm.

While I was out having fun, my darling agent finished up my revisions for Gamer Girl. She says she was pleased with how it turned out -- cheer! So now I have a week to work in her revisions before passing it into my editor at Dutton. It's scary working with a new editor so cross fingers she likes the book! She seems really nice though.

Next week my mom is coming to visit. Her first time in NYC since she was eight years old! Crazy. I want to take her to see WICKED. I have been dying to see it myself--everyone I know who's gone has raved about it.

Happy Sunday!

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