Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun with Photoshop

Fun with PhotoShop on Gena Showalter’s blog. I always knew she was an honorary rebel!! She looks good in those thigh-highs, doesn’t she? Gena actually was one of the first readers of Moongazer and did my cover blurb. She rocks. So go buy her latest book – Black Listed. I want to. Actually I'm going to. So there!

Tomorrow night I head to California! I’m all packed up and ready to go. Can’t wait.

Our Shomi sister, Eve Kenin, got a STARRED REVIEW for her Shomi book DRIVEN. Woot! Go Eve!! Go Shomi! This line is getting such good feedback from reviewers. I can’t wait to see what readers think. Not toooo much longer now!

BTW is anyone else addicted to the LOLCATS site?

Okay, later. Short entry, but that’s all I got. :)


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Jessica D. Russell said...

Woohooo! What great news for Eve! I can't wait to read it! Only a few more days until the release of Moongazer. :-) I can't wait.