Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cosplay at RWA

At the RWA conference. Yesterday was the booksigning. Liz Maverick and I did our cosplay thing again to promote Shomi. Here's one pic. More to come when I have time.


Annie said...

hi Marianna
I'm wondering about the "inside scoop on breaking into the Shomi line" as you post a few posts ago. Could you please share a little with these of us, who for a number of reasons, could not make it to nationals?
thanks for your stories!

Marianne Mancusi said...

Hi Annie,

Sure...I will definitely write something up. Probably once I get home from Nationals! Thanks for the idea!


Kate R said...

thanks for stopping by and explaining the costumes. See? They created buzz even after the conference

(though now I'm wondering if you're what my friends were writing about. I didn't go to RWA so I don't know who showed up wearing what)

Vicki said...

I thought the outfits were great! As I posted on Pubrants when I saw you both walk through the lobby I pointed you out to my cp and told her who you were and what you write. Your books are in my TBR pile and I will get to them soon. :)

Susan Grant said...

I had to miss RWA this year b/c me & the family were on vacation in Russia & Scandinavia--wouldn't have traded that for Dallas for anything--but I heard about your costumes and came here to peek. LOVE 'em. You and Liz are a breath of fresh air. The "Shomi" look cracks me up. Good luck with the books! Can't wait to see you two at the next one. SF, maybe? (I live close to there so will go)

Angelique said...

Your costumes are lovely, chou kawaii (*^o^*)., I think you should enter this cosplay competition I just found, you might win!

Have fun!

Kat xxx

Angelique said...

I think your costumes are lovely, chou Kawaii (*^o^*)., I think You should enter this cosplay competition, you might win!

Have fun!

Kat xxx