Sunday, July 22, 2007

Everyday is like Sunday...

I have been a very good girl today, sitting inside and finishing up my next Shomi book proposal. Want to send it to my agent tomorrow and get it into my editor before I head to Comic Con.

I also got my Comic Con outfits ready. They are so awesome. These are outfits that I had bought earlier, but figured might be a little over the top for RWA, lol. Now I'm wishing I'd worn them so I at least could have had something for people to REALLY talk about. I mean miniskirt/thigh highs? I'd wear that damn outfit clubbing.

I can't believe my Shomi book MOONGAZER is officially out next week. I'm kind of glad Liz and I are headed to Mexico after Comic Con so I won't be sitting home, obsessing about whether anyone is buying it or not. This book really means a lot to me and I really want it to do well. So I hope a lot of you -- whether you approve of my outfits or not -- will give it a chance. If it's really, as some have said, all about the book, then forget about my skirt and let Moongazer speak for itself.

I don't know if I'm going back to work tomorrow or not. There was a big explosion near my work on Weds (I work near Grand Central Station in NYC) and we've been locked out of the building ever since. It's been nice to get some extra R&R since I was exhausted from RWA, I must say. And it definitely helped me get my proposal into shape. But I also don't want the work to pile up too much--especially considering all the time I'm taking off for Comic Con, Mexico, and Blizcon.

Lastly, thanks again to everyone who's emailed or commented support on the whole debate. It means a lot to me that I have such good friends and also the kindess of strangers. Just so you know, I'm no longer upset about it all. I have come to realize that you can't live your life to please others or live up to their standards. I am who I am. I like dressing up. And no one from this point forward can make me apologize for that.

I am a face of the romance genre, too. And I'm not going anywhere.



Jessica D. Russell said...

Keep doing what you do, lady! I can't wait to read Moongazer! :-) Enjoy comicon and relax. You deserve it!

TJBrown said...

Enjoy yourself! I picked up Liz's book last Friday night but when my son told me that we could expect to be there till 4 am before we could get a certain HP book, we bailed. Am going to go get it and yours as soon as they are out:)

kimberly said...

I thought you guys were adorable! :)

I've bought your books for myself and my daughter and I hope we get to meet you one day in full costume!