Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Pics

I am still so tired from RWA. I went home yesterday and slept two hours instead of working on my proposal. Tsk. Tsk. Then this AM I was STILL too exhausted to really put much into it. Annoying, but evidently necessary. Hopefully I will rally soon. I really would like to get the proposal in by Monday at the latest.

Here are a couple more pics of RWA:

Colby Hodge winning her Prism!

Me and Liz with our editor, Chris Keeslar.

Liz, sitting pretty like the good little girl she is...

Liz doesn't like this pic of her, but I think she looks badass in a slightly crazy way. Like, don't mess with the Shomi girls, man!

Anyway, there's always some controversy after an RWA and this time some of it has centered around me and my friends. There's a debate about my friend Barb's RITA award win for a YA book going on at Smart Bitches and another blog talks about whether RWA is going more RT with the costumed authors (aka me and Liz who were in good company with Sherrylin Kenyon!) attending this year and whether this sort of public display of bookishness will prompt publishers to force their authors to don thigh highs and short skirts.

To set the record straight:

1) Barb deserved a RITA for her YA. The book rocks. People need to get over it and understand that a good book is a good book, no matter what the age of its hero/heroine. (cough, Harry Potter, cough.)

2) Liz and I like to dress up in costumes cause we think it's fun and feel it's a great icebreaker at conferences. People would comment on our outfits and we would have an opportunity to introduce them to the Shomi line. But our publisher did not put us up to it. There were three other Shomi authors attending and none of them sported manga outfits. :) The costumes are part of Liz and my Rebels of Romance campaign - NOT our Shomi promotion.



Gabrielle said...

I think you guys looked fabulous! I didn't get to go this year but there seemed to be a little added verve in the air, from the photos I've seen.

barb said...

And you know I think you and Liz totally rock. (And she does look badass in a "come closer and I'll cut you" sort of way. Love that pic!

Sela Carsen said...

If I had legs like that, I'd wear thigh-highs, too! It was always fun to see y'all walking around conference.

As for YA, I agree. I just want a good book. I picked up Marked by PC and Kristen Cast and I can't wait to start reading it.